Need help with Letraset Tria Rendering

I have just got my letraset tria markers…need help on how shud i start…what i shud keep in mind…etc etc…pls help

cant help ya if you dont show us your current skill level.

do a couple, post em up
and well let you know what to work on.

Well, you should use marker paper and get a feel for the markers. Do not , repeat do not, let them lay about even for a moment with the caps off as they will dry out quick. If you use printer paper at least use laser paper (hammer-mill 24 lbs laser is good). The printer paper is a thirsty beast and will suck your markers dry, and replacing markers will suck you dry.

If you haven’t gotten to use markers before watch a few vids on for shading theory. Then start out doing some rectangles and shade them (in perspective). Work toward getting a smooth tone and maybe a little gradient. Play with shading. When you step up to color remember the 1,2,3 tone square (I’m assuming that you know what I mean). use color in ‘runs’ so with my old pantone trias a nice run might look like, 180-t,185-t,warm red-t, orange 021-t. My color theory may be weak I strained my eyes today.

Hope that works, use black for outlines and stick with the chisel tip, the two little nibs are only good if you move fast with them, otherwise then look a little messy.