Need help with hand renderings

I’ve been trying to do hand renderings of shoes but have had trouble staying in the lines with the marker. I’ve looked at some renderings online and see how neat they are and have tried to copy the style but the marker will bleed outside the lines. Does anyone use tape or something to mask off areas…?
Here is some examples of some awesome renderings I found online.

What kind of paper/markers are you using? The paper is the biggest factor. If you’re using cheap bond paper, it’s sucking up the ink and that will cause it to bleed, as well as dry out your markers very quickly.

You want to use marker paper (Letraset is the brand I’ve heard that works the best but I never could get my hands on it), also keep in mind marker paper is only coated on 1 side which means 1 side will take ink different than the other (confusing I know…I didn’t learn any of this stuff till a few weeks before I graduated) :laughing:

I learned how to render with Prismacolor markers on Bienfang Graphics 360 paper. I think its quality paper. My teacher taught us the same thing about one side would be different than the other. The front side will bleed a little more than the back. We were taught to use the backside of each page. It definitely works.

I’ve used computer paper and marker paper. The renderings that I posted I liked. But how does he manage to color within the lines in the smallest spaces. Do you think he masks it off?

The most successful for me seems to be when I color with markers/marker paper, i work with an underlay of the sketch -the design is on a sheet of paper below the marker paper, in pen/black marker/photocopied, whatever is dark enough to show through. Then I block it in with Chartpacks/Prismacolors -no pencil, pen or marker lines, all solid color. I add the actual black detail lines (or whichever color) as the last step.

Some useful videos on using markers.

What markers are you using? You can get very fine lines with a marker, you just need to either use the flat edge/corner of the tip, or the small end in the case of Prismas or Trias.

I don’t think anyone masks anything off for marker renderings. Masking from what I’ve seen tends to be reserved mostly for airbrushing.

I am using prisma and have used both ends…should I render a sketch very large? Would that help?

the most important thing when using markers on any type of paper is speed, making smooth, confident strokes…I would not labor over staying within the lines, do keep in mind that you can edit the mistakes when you scan the the sketh(es) in the computer…

I bought a airbrush for Copic marker it does dryout your markers faster than normal but very great final renders. Also use ruff cut shapes and masking tapes. But also easiers to do gradients and no ugly lines or 3 times to go over the same area to get rid of those lines.