NEED HELP!!! Vector Instructions via Solidworks


I am trying to create clean vector diagrams from parts in Solidworks for a client. In the past the person who did this used 3dvia but I do not have that luxury. I’m sure I’m not doing this correctly so I would really appreciate some feedback as I have to have this to the client by Monday. Here’s my process:
Create Solidworks drawing of the part. Save as illustrator file. Open in illustrator and LiveTrace. Attempt to adjust the trace options. Delete background. Look at all the squiggly lines.

If this is the best way of doing it I don’t think the client is going to be happy… Any help would be appreciated!

Why are you trying to trace over a drawing that’s vectors in the first place?

I have a similar thread created - Solidworks and Instruction Drawings

I’ve gotten my hands of 3dvia, however it has a few downfalls. For your case i’d recommend -

  • Saving views in your solidworks model
    Then making a drawing
    Insert your views
    Save off as a .dxf
    Open with illustrator

A bit of a pain but this gives a very editable line drawing.