need help selecting plastic for a chair project!

i am working on a project for a chair studio that will incorporate plastic elements like those seen in the attached photo. it will basically be a plastic sheet looped to create the back and seat over a structure of laminated wood and steel. anyway, i don’t know much about plastic types and was hoping someone could tell me what kind is usually used in this application and where i might be able to order it. it should be flexible enough to give a little under the weight of the sitter and be around 8’ long in under to create the loops that i would like.

any help would be great-this is a fairly short project and i need to order materials in order to get things done on time.


You will be limited to plastic sheet available in 8’ lengths: ABS, Styrene, Acrylic. Look in your yellow pages for plastic sheet or film suppliers, they will usually have a cash sales desk.

Acrylic usually comes in clear or coloured and includes a presentation surface(s) protected with a peelable paper layer. ABS and Styrene usually is available only in white, grey or translucent. All are very easy to work with, although fumes released while cutting, drilling, sanding may bother sensitive people. Don’t use countersink screws, don’t flame or vapour hone edges.

Lexan has some interesting properties. You can get it in sheets of varying thicknesses. White and clear are most common, although I think I’ve seen color before.

If you have access to a sheet metal shop, you can brake form Lexan similar to thin gauge sheet metals.

Have you discovered MSC? You will love it.

I think the plastic shown looks a little softer and more flexible than acrylic. I’d try polyethylene or polypropelyene (PET, PETG, HDPE, etc.)

Go to the raw materials/plastic section,
then click on sheets. There are all kinds of goodies, and they ship really fast, often arriving the next day. Have fun…