Need help picking a bendable wood/bamboo

I’m having trouble picking a material for a personal project. Essentially I need to create an enclosed container roughly the size of a simple desktop stereo/boombox. I have been searching core and online for different information but I need feedback. I would like to implement the most environmentally friendly material available. That will be my deciding factor. I would love to use bamboo but don’t see much information about bending it online. This gives me hope:

This looks to be a bent plywood of some sort? Which would probably be the only bamboo product able to be bent? This is my best finding for some kind of sustainably produced bamboo plywood:

They say that “Plyboo architectural plywood is made from 100% rapidly renewable bamboo. This plywood can be cut and sanded using conventional woodworking equipment and offers excellent dimensional stability. It can also be glued or mechanically fastened using the same materials and fasteners commonly used with wood.” They say nothing about bending.

Would it be more environmentally friendly to just bend traditional FSC certified plywood and apply a veneer for looks?

I appreciate any insight into this issue. Please call me out if I am totally missing anything. Thanks

I’ll reference this Vers 2x system that is out now. As featured in Innovation. They have a bamboo option but it isn’t bent bamboo. I would assume it is a veneer. I would also assume that of the hardwood options. And the body?