need help! pick school!!!-urgent

RIT,OSU,SCAD, which shall I pick? Industrial design graduate program.

Vague indeed, what do you want to do, what do you want to learn. What’s your background? Did you consider RISD or Pratt for MID?

I don’t know much about this subject but being a bit more detailed will help forum members give you some feedback.

I agree you need to give us more info. I went to SCAD and got a great education. But telling us a little about you will make it easier for us to tell you what school would be right.

This question assumes that the person(s) responding have gone to all three of these schools, or more. Or that they’re well-versed in all of these specific programs. Or, you’re asking personal opinion, which should not influence your decision making. There’s just too many of these posts. You can search through the forums here and see them popping up (especially right now in the spring)- as well as use the search feature and research some pros and cons of each school.

For example, my personal opinion, I’ve been to Rochester several times, I would not want to go to school there. Rochester garbage plates are a unique experience though. Then again, I’m a different person than you, you might enjoy the winter weather (and endless gray skies). I chose SCAD, because of the program, not the weather, but damn was it a nice plus.

Which is best? That’s up to you to decide.

No one will do the research for you. There are hours and hours of research ahead of you. Go visit all three schools. Then decide for yourself. When you visit and you’re seeing the schools in person, all your questions will be answered.

Thanks for you all!!!
I am an international student so I am unable to vistit all these schools personally…and I am currently an industrial designer working in furniture associated business…but it doesn’t matter…actually I wanna try something new too, try to get involved in wide range of area of industrial design, then maybe I can get much clearer what is more suitable for me and re-organize my design career focus. I think the graduate study can help me with that, and I prefer the project-oriented courses. I got accepted in all of these 3 so which one is better for me? (yeah, I know RISD is great but the tuition is also “great” so I didn’t apply to it…)

Please give some suggestion~~~~~~~~~thank u!!!

help me~~~~~~~~~~~~thank you!!!

I know that both OSU and SCAD have great master’s programs… know nothing about RIT’s ID master program.

I believe SCAD has over 15% international students, if that matters to you. SCAD’s ID and furniture shops are second-to-none, nearly anything can be done in house, but I can’t tell you go there or to not go there.

Best of luck my friend.

what are you going to be researching?
Do you have a teaching assistanship lined up?

RIT has a MFA in furniture that you could probably learn a lot from, though it’s not directly applicable to production furniture, it might be a good school because of that connection…

I agree with Taylor. Obviously i am going to tell you to go to SCAD because I went there. i got a great education, I now have a great job and I think very highly of the school. As a professional I have also taken a sponsored project to the school for the students to work on.

I can tell you that they have a very strong Masters program that is ran by a man by the name of Bob Fee. We used to say that “he has forgotten more about design than we will ever learn in our career.” In other words this man is brilliant and is a great mentor. He is very hands on and if you put in the time, he will put in the time with you as well.

Taylor is also correct about their shop. They have moved to a new facility sense I was there but the new on is very nice. Plenty of room and lots of machines.

In my option SCAD is a great choice. Especially for an international student. The school is very up to date, The Profs are great, and not to mention the town is awesome. this being said, I only know that because i went there. I don’t know anything about the other schools. If I were I would research the schools on-line and also go through some of the old posts here, write out the pros and cons and make your choice. Treat it like a design project.

I hope this helped.

one more thing… Bob Fee also heads the ID master’s program, and is currently being nominated for IDSA educator award this year… a long overdue nomination it seems to most.
I’m personally writing a letter to IDSA to support the nomination.
this information is to shed a little light onto the quality of the ID master’s program there at SCAD.

anyway- bon chance.

Thank u soooooo muchyour info is really important to me!
Cuz as an international student, the only info we can get by first hand is RANKING
~~~~~~And that’s so confusing me, Design-Intelligence ranks SCAD’s ID graduate program #3 for 2008, OSU #10, no clue about RIT’s; while on USNEWS, OSU is #5, RIT is #8, SCAD even not in top 10 for 2009 ID ranking…and in USNEWS Graduate Fine Arts ranking, RIT & OSU r both #21, SCAD is even not in top 100…I just dont understand how could be that big difference in 2 different ranking organization! I dont know the criteria either…

When I read the cource description on their website, it is hard to tell difference~~~~~~~~~

So now, according to ur posts, does that mean SCAD provides manufactory facilities like CNC machine for ID program, so after you create ideas, u can also try to make them through these equipments? Which means u can realize your design. That sounds interesting & awesome!

But how about the others: RIT or OSU? Do they also provide these facilities or not? Do they only focus on the concept but not actually produce the products u design?

And I have another question, when having internship in ID program, do we need to go some off-campus companies? But Savannah seems not a city which has a lot of companies for id business? So is that easy to take internship?

Thank U!!!

To answer this question…Yes they do. But any good ID school would.


Rochester is not much of a city either and does not offer much in the lines of ID. (The city that is)

I would go with your gut. If you feel that one of these is the write school for you than go with it. I tend not to pay attention to some of these ranking sites as they generaly go off of PR instead of results. If you want a real feeling for the schools and can’t make to visit call and talk to somebody. The people at the schools are going to be able to give you a better understanding of their facilities and their practices.

I toured RIT for my daughter for her undergrad. We toured the ID facilities, which they were justifiably proud of. I think that RIT has a very strong program and is highly ranked by U S News. In addition, most design firms that I met with thought highly of RIT.

However, I dont’ know much about their masters program. You really need to see all the schools and ask penetrating questions.

Thank u all!!!

Taxguy,I hear about RIT’s computer facalities, they are fabulous~~~
But do they also provide manufactory studio? how about their equipment?

And has anyone know about ID course speciality in these schools? I mean what are they focus on? Do they have co-op projects with firms?

oh…it drives me crazy to select one!!! Can anyone help me at least kick 1 out of the options??? Thanks a lot!


Somethine sounds fishy here. We have said a number of times to talk to the school. This is the only real way you are going to get a feel for what you need.

Are you really a student, or a recruiter looking for students? It sounds like to me you are a recruiter looking for students. If so just come out and say it and you will get more info…Maybe.


I am just seeking some info for my decision cuz I thought u guys probabaly know more actual situation. Apparently, schools all tell you they are the best one~~~

each school is the best, for certain individuals.

it sounds like what your after is American job experience to advance your career. The Master’s is less significant for that goal, but OSU would probably be more centrally located to more internship options.

I so appreciate your info.

After a lot of research through forums & internet, right now I think probably I should make a decision between RIT or SCAD.
OSU seems more research/theory-oriented. I’d love to have more projects to deal with during the graduate study. That should be more exciting~~~like what I said before, I wanna try different stuffs in ID rather then only furniture and gather wider range of portfolio besides furniture as well, to see which area is more suitable for me in the furture. I am not saying that I dont like furniture, it’s just that I would love to try something which I am currently not very familiar of during graduate program.

oh~~~~~even only 2 options…still not easy for me to select! I read a lot of pros & cons for both of them…
RIT - (USNEWS ranks #8 for ID in 2009, ranks #21 for Best Graduate Fine Arts Schools in US, one of top 60 Best Design Schools in the World)
:slight_smile: good reputation in long history/closer to New York City, Boston…(compare with SCAD)/incredible computer facilities
:frowning: terrible weather/boring social life

SCAD - (Design-Intelligence ranks #3 & #4 for ID graduate & undergraduate program in 2008; but USNEWS ranks only #134 for Best Graduate Fine Arts Schools in US )
:slight_smile: beautiful city, pleasant weather/nice professor Bob Fee/updated great facilities/active attitude
:frowning: not NASAD accreditated (though I dont know what’s the negative effect)/not safe in the city/too much students, so diverse performance

Still some questions:

  1. How ab RIT’s professor? manufactory facilities? Courses? ID Co-op projects?
  2. How is the real reputation for the students’ capability in real working condition?
  3. What’s the effect if SCAD is non-NASAD? Why it is always ranked so low in USNEWS?

Thank u!!!


Sorry some people take advantage of these boards in those kind of manners. As far as SCAD not being accredited this has been a topic that has been discussed and argued many times on these boards. I do feel this is a major issue. If you look at the history of the students and the companies that are hiring them you will notice that this has not held them back. :laughing:

If you want more info on this subject check out this board:

rant begin.

NASAD? who’s that? they’ve never been a part of my education or my profession.

I’m sitting in a design studio as a full time designer.

the only ones who care about NASAD accreditation are the ones who are enrolled/alumni/faculty at those universities.

fact: the only time NASAD accreditation has ever been brought up in my life, was here on C77 boards, not out in “the real world”

NASAD accreditation means 100% nothing.

rant end.