Need HELP!! LCD Display Design [think CASIO calculator]

Hello Corolites, please lend me your assistance. I have been tasked with creating a new console layout as part of a refresh of our cardio product. I have ZERO experience with laying out the old school LCD displays like what you would find on smaller products that don’t warrant a full on touch screen.

Our research has shown that the console is a serious pain point for people (qual & quant study) and I’m not thrilled with simply replicating a better looking version. I want something that is dramatically more meaningful to the user. If you have any ideas or thoughts then I could sure use your help. I’m looking for resources or examples of work that could possibly show the decision makers that it would be worth taking less profit out of the machine for a better user experience.

Regardless of if you can help thanks for reading and have an AWESOME day!

Not sure what you’re asking for, it sounds like you want to convince people UI is important and that answer is going to come from your design activity - if you can’t convince people that the UX is important based on the research you’ve said you’ve done and design concepts you can share with users then it may not be valuable enough.

So ask yourself what is the actual pain point, what information needs to be presented, and then let the technology fall into place. Throwing a touch screen on something just because it’s the thing to do doesn’t necessarily improve a product.

Sorry if that sentence structure was a bit odd but just to clarify we are not thinking of using a touch screen… Not applicable for this type of project.

In our use case there are the basic metrics that have to be shown BUT what I am trying to look for is experimental low res graphical displays or possibly lighting that could be interesting to enhance the UI and confirm the user. Again, I’m looking for INSPIRATION or EXAMPLES of work possibly something like this:

PS Cyberdemon I like your swivel socket concept. While I’m not seeing the space saving or cable streamlining potential I do like the rotary phone inspired light piping.

Google image search of “information design”. Any of the color images can be converted to a b&w or gray scale of an LCD.

Why would they do that?

When you say “low res” - there are two types of technology:

Active matrix LCD displays (which have a definitive pixel count ranging from everything from your super high res retina iPhone all the way back to the monochrome display on your first generation gameboy)

Segmented LCD displays (which I think is what you are referring to) have no resolution. They are defined segments that are either on or off against a solid color background. This is your Casio wrist watch, Treadmill display, etc. There are very few limitations with these, but obviously as segments increase, so does the cost. Additionally you do need to take into account the electrical traces that will power each segment - usually this requires some type of gaps or paths between segments.

But in terms of inspiration, you’ll find more in 5 minutes on Google image search or Pinterest then anyone will have time to post fresh here.