NEED help in reaserach for my final thesis

It’s I.D.ziner,i m astudent of industrial designing,4th yr 2nd last semister,actually i need some good guides to choose the topic for my final thesis,will u please help me and tell me about the problems u are facing in designed products or any wanna new product for any purpose.
If you people have any idea :bulb: so plzzzz share this with me.

Maybe you could give us constraint if you dont have idea. Without constraint, we cant give you idea either.

Like, what is requirement of thesis? What you want from it? and so

Maybe you could tailor this to what you want to do post graduation.
Or use this as an opportunity to show off your diversity.

Make yourself marketable!

I’m sure that we’d be happy to give you some more detailed direction, but we need an initail push. :smiley: