need help in choice of uni

hey guys, need some help in choosing a ID course from these 4 institutions. Which is the best? (rank them if possible?) oh thank you all so much!

  1. University of Essen
  2. University of Wisconsin-Stout
  3. Technical University of Eindhoven
  4. Politechnico di Milano
  5. Politechnico di Torino

Europe or Stout? just curious how you came to these choices.

oh i am given a choice to do a year’s exchange at any one of these institutions… so rather unsure of which to go to to get the best out of a year there.


First of I would be very wary of someone ranking these schools. Seeing how they are so diverse I would hardly believe that anyone has visited more than two, maybe three, and thus wold be able to provide you a clear picture. I would take any input people would have on these schools individually (albeit slow-coming b/c of newly having to register).

I think you are going to have to do this mostly on your own. I advice to contact each school and ask to speak to a student or two and one faculty. Have a list of questions predetermined. What’s your main interest? graphic, product, styling, research, interior space? Ask them what area(s) they focus in. Most schools are heavier in product than graphic, or interior than styling, or vice versa ad nausea. You get the point. What are your goals? Does the school have the courses or programs that fit you? And don’t forget to have a great experience on the side. If you’re American go to a school in Europe, if European go to a US or other school.

Best of luck.

I can speak for Stout since I am presently a student there. I think you are wise to consider attending Stout because our ID curriculum has just been revised and upon entering the program, you will have the benefit of having the much much much improved program. Also, at a state university you have the advantage of taking general education classes such as business and sociology that will add to your experience and help your career.

If you want more information, feel free to contact me; I am very willing to discuss good AND bad aspects of the school. :wink:

thanks for both posts… anyone else knows anything at all about the ID courses at these institutions? Be it good or bad…just post it & i’ll read it! Thanks a mill!

I am a Stout student, too, and got very screwed by this new program change, but I would still recommend another school, even though the freshman are getting a better education and skill edge than I will ever have now.

But if you like “cheap”, and a small town with no character to it, come on down.

(do your generals at a tech school–saves you money)