Need help in a furnitue industry project done for college.

Hi guys,
I know all here are Pros. so I thought if I could get some help.
Well my I’m doing a project in my college on the Furniture Industry in Goa(Problems and prospects). We have completed the project. But there would be an external examiner who will be coming to interview us and ask us Questions on the Furniture Industry. Apart from the project he will also ask us questions from outside the project we submit related to the Furniture Industry.
I would be glad if all you’ll Pros. would ask or tell me all the possible questions the external examiner may ask.

Just put your self in the place of an external college examiner who is examining a furniture project and questioning his student.

Tell me all the possible questions he can ask me. And the answers if you’ll can.

Plz help!

This is my Final Year of Graduation.