need help finding public state ID graduate school

here is my situation
I want to apply the ID program in graduate school fall 2006.
I know there’s a lot of discussion about the tuition between public and private school. But I still have to ask is there any public state school is cheap and good. cause I know I didn’t have good grades in university, and the most important thing is my background is not ID.(my major in university is architecture)So I have a strong feeling that I won’t get any scholarship. that’s why I have to apply some schools that is affordable for me.

here is my current school list:
Ohio State University
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Illinois at Chicago
Pratt Institute

so is there any suggest??
I’m a US citizen, but I left US while I was little. so I don’t know everything about the school in US.
please help me on this


California State / long beach
Arizona State

thanks alot :smiley:

but the graduate program in California state/long beach will not accepting any applicant right now, here is what the school says:
"The Department of Design is currently addressing significant issues about the future direction of its graduate programs. The Department thinks it is inappropriate to admit new students during this period of review. Therefore this year we are not accepting graduate applications, and are deferring all graduate admissions until further notice. "

What are you trying to accomplish with a Masters?
Do you want to teach? or change careers?

Not sure that there are any- remember that most state schools have a residency requirement to get in-state tuition. Out state tuition can be the same as a private school.

My suggestion is to save money, look for grants, take out loans, and go to the school that is the best fit to your needs.

Save the shopping for shoes.

i am an ohio resident and have seen the ID program at Ohio state university first hand. i was expecting much more then what i had seen there. the program seemed very very small and had little funding running to it. and the person in charge at that time (2 years ago) seemed so unmotivated that it pushed me away from the school. just my 2 cents.

I’m trying to change my career.
can you give me any advice?

thank you :slight_smile:

thanks for you reply, :smiley:
I know the out state tuition is very expensive either, but at least there is some chance for me to get the in-state tuition after one year later? than I can still save a lot money out of it.

ammm… :confused:
I guess I’ll have to kick OSU away?
does any one else know anything about OSU, is it really that bad?

OSU is re-tooling. UC probably now has the better grad program with Vogel there.

I believe that NC State is one of the few schools in the country that allows people to establish residency so that your second year of school would be at the in-state rate, provided you have registered to vote or done something to establish residency (research it – I’m not sure on the details).

Actually I had been thinking about UC before.
but on their website said all applicants must have a bachelor degree in ID (which I don’t have) :cry:

Actually one of the best public ID programs,which you never mentioned, is University of Cincinnati. You should really check them out. They also have a strong transportation design program and strong coop program.

I did find some information about UC, and it turns out they only accept students who have a bachelor degree in ID. or I’ll definitely add UC into my school list. :cry:

You have at least a 3year process to get an ID career, so why not consider a 2nd Bachelors?
it seems like you want a design job, so you should know that a Masters counts for nothing in ID (unlike Arch). You should be able to skip foundations year, transfer the Gen-Ed requirements and have left over credits for marketing, manufacturing or ergonomics classes.
bonus training + portfolio = job of choice.

I guess I never thought about that.
because lots of graduate programs I saw claim they accept and even encourage students from different design field who are looking for a carrer redirection. (e.g. RIT、Pratt、University of Illinois at Chicago… )

so…is it really useless to have a ID master?
it’s not as useful as they claim? :confused:

thank you

A lot of people have posted about graduate schools and I know that Auburn University has not been mentioned. However, I think you should consider it if you are truly looking for some bang for you buck.

I too had an undergraduate in Architecture and chose to “change” my career. Auburn has a program specifically for students with undergrads in different disciplines that allow you to earn your master’s while getting all the necessary ID experience.

I honestly learned more in 1 year of “undergrad” stuff than I felt I had throughout most of my undergrad in Arch. The program here is a nice size and allows you to get a lot of one on one attention not to mention being on a first name basis with all the professors.

While you could get a second undergraduate degree, the program at Auburn allows you to get great experience with a lot of the work the undergrads would be doing plus the addition of a Master’s which, lets face it, makes you more marketable and educated. You can teach with a Master’s, can’t with an undergrad degree or 2. You can complete the program as fast as you would like or as slow as you want also. It takes most people about 2 to 2 1/2 years.

Don’t get me wrong, Auburn is not a flashy school and it is not an Art school. However, you can get solid work for your portfolio as well as a great personalized education.

One year as a out-of state student will cost you around $30k but once you’re in the graduate school, TA positions are available and those waive your tuition and pay you monthly. TA positions give you great experience should you want to teach eventually.

Overall, you should look at it and consider it if you are truly looking for a state school. It’s pretty cheap to live in Auburn and Atlanta is only 1 hour away so it’s not like you are in the middle of no where. And Auburn has pretty good college town atmosphere.

so…is it really useless to have a ID master?
it’s not as useful as they claim?

From what I’ve seen a masters in design is good if you want to teach it. Beyond that, the benefit is limited. If you have a BS in design, a masters won’t make you as good a designer as 2 years in the field. If you don’t have a BS in ID, IMO you can’t learn the basic skill set of ID that the undergrads will learn in 4-5 years, so you will have a harder time getting a job. You will probablydemand more $$ with less to offer.

That bieng said, having an architechure undergrad may be different though, since you may posses a decent skill set already. If this is the case, and you already can draw and use software, you may be okay with a MS in ID. It all comes down to your portfolio in the end :wink:

do not think too much about tuition. It will cost much more when you graduate without a job. ID is very competitive. A decent school can bring you not only design skills but also networking. And it is also easier for you to get a internship in big design company.Forget about some weak and cheap graduate programs. Do not waste time!