Need Help!! Designers of K-Swiss

do anybody know some names of the Designers of K-Swiss shoes??
Especially I need the Designers of the Stripe Shifter and Tounge Twister.
Im thankful of every information you can give.

poablo – Follow this link and look for a post by Colin Roberts who interned with K-Swiss. He may be able to help you.

There are different models of stripeshifters and tounge-twisters all done by different designers although a few have done most of them. Is there a specific shoe you want, or somthing you want to know about?

Poablo - I interned with K-Swiss this summer and am currently doing freelance work for them. Like Colin said, there are many different styles of these shoes, can you be more specific as to what information you are looking for?

I need this informations for a designresearch project in my University.I m a Designstudent from Germany and i need the names of the KSwiss StripeShifter and Tounge Twister Designers.

oh i forgot something :smiley:

the Logan Stripe Shifter and Classic Tounge Twister…