Need Help! Company is asking for my fixed bid on a project.

Hello! I am a product designer with about 5 years of experience. I am talking with a company in Taiwan that wants me to give them a fixed bid to design a kitchen utensil. I’ve always charged hourly so I have no idea how much to bid.
They are a die casting company that wants to develop their own products to sell to US. They want it to be “decorative & functional for a higher end market.” They want most of the component to be made of aluminum die casting process. It’s a single part mold. They don’t have a clear deadline. Expected deliverable are 2D CAD and 3D files.

They want a fixed bid and I have no clue how much to bid. Do you have any advice for me on how to move forward with this? Any tip would be helpful.

Thank you.

What’s the issue? Figure out the scope of work (ie. Just design and cad or also development review? Travel?). Add up how long that would take (you must have some idea if you’ve been working for 5 years) x your hourly rate. Add some padding if there might be extras or negotiations. Submit quote.

Are you working full time and doing this on the side?


Okay so i will be doing another post but in general i am available for mentoring…

feel free to contact me at 262.389.9652 and i can help mentor you on this process and we can have a detailed discussion. (free of course)