need guidance

Im new in product design. i want to know which software should i learn to give shape to my ideas.
there are so many of them, it’s really confusing. autocad… maya… max…solidwork…?

Do you mean new as in looking at studying design at university…?

Anyway, to answer your question quickly software doesn’t help shape your ideas. Sketching and making prototypes is how you shape your ideas.

Software will be a tool you use to execute those ideas once they have been fleshed out. A design degree will point you in the right direction but in my opinion I’d master one and be proficient at others. Solidworks is my main CAD software, followed by intermediate Rhino and a little bit of beginners Alias. They are all just tools that I pick up depending on the task…


Solidworks and Modo are what I use.

Rhino is also great and keyshot for easy image renders.

@ azrehan… thanks man… that was helpful…

@sketchgard… sorry man… i think i articulated it badly… I’m an advertising creative director. but i do product design as well… all my ideas are either sketched or done in wood prototype… i want to convert those in to computerised models… and i don’t know which software to use… thats what i wanted to ask… rhino is not available for mac… i think i’ll try solidworks.

Rhino for Mac. And it is free until they release it. It is a work in progress, but like all Rhino Works In Progress, you can use it for production work.

Solidworks is not available for Mac…

As nxakt pointed out Rhino is available for free on Mac and has been for a number of years, I was first introduced to it about 6 years ago…

Consider Rhinoceros because it’s relatively affordable, has great surfacing capabilities, and the Grasshopper plugin allows for the creation of very complex geometries because it combines 3d modeling and coding. It depends on what kind of projects you are going to work on.