need guidance for my thesis project

well my name is jia n i am a final year student at university Of Karachi( visual studies dept) my major is industrial designing. as i have to give my thesis by the end of this year i am very much confused.i want guidance about how to start n plan my work.

Start with what interests you, you want furniture, electronics, soft products, etc. There’s tons of similar topics that starts often, read through some and may help you with ideas. A lot of people have a hard time with these since it’s too open ended, so make your own restrictions and guidelines to follow (for developing countries, for $x amount, only using X material, etc)

ahaaan i have made decided thing my topic is on transforming micro oraganism (their pattern n structure into products eg…furniture,light source,or may b any thing the structure allows to be transformed into…but i can’t decide how to gather my thoughts n do a proper work…

You need to research biomimicry.

Maybe this can help:

But just don’t copy structures for their forms…Copy them for their funtionality