Need feedbak! please

I recently became interested in product design and did some sketches please tell me what you think of them! I’m debating if I should go cross country to take some courses at art centers night program.
so here are some camera and camcorders.

Considering you are not in ID, Nice bad sketches… fill us in on your situation, are you currently a student, thinking of going back to school…

I’m thinking of going back. (I have B.F.A in Sculpture) I happen to come across this site just by pure luck! and so I finally got to courage to post some of my stuff!
I really need some honest and critial opinions
what I’m doing wrong?
what type of materials should I be using?
any tips or suggestions?

I can’t thank you guys enough
This site ownes

I think your sculpture background will help, it shows through in the sketches because it looks like you are more than just throwing lines down, you are starting to describe form.

I have a few tutorials on my site:

I also highly recommend you check out

I think benchmarking other people’s sketches, checking out tutorials, and just sketching all the time will bring you up to speed…

well it’s been over a year I though I would do a follow up on some recent stuff
tell me what you think

I’m almost done with my application folio. the 1st got lost at Chicago O’hara airport :frowning:


good post. base from your drawings i can say that your really interested on it. why not enroll again at school that will definitely help you more.