Need feedback

People, would like feedback on

great experience.

nice colors very clean on the “flower” ads. I like the simple clean design, they teach us that at Parsons also. the yellow circle i would have justified with the type.

on your second ad its looks very complete. great size differences…makes your eyes travel on the page, but i dont really like centered type “RESTA SABER O QUE VAL FAZER COM TANTA ENERGIA…” this i would have laid out differently.

In the third ad, I like the first one alot, but the second one i think needs better placement, in the first one i think the back round and teh image work very well togther, in the second you added texture and i think it is a lil distracting, and i am not sure if it has any meaning or wht?? also the paragraph next to the bottle machine i would move to a different spot, I think it is stringer placed where it was in theh first ad.

great logos. the only one that bothers me is the “Sun & Smile” only because you stretched the type, by having the ‘S’ stretch (at the top) its doing things that are not apart of its structure and with the ‘e’ same thing…but with the ‘e’ its even less fitting especially with teh typeface, and the cafe doesnt fit with the whole when u have those swoops.

the 5th peice, is nice, i like the pictures and the layouts.very clear and easy to read.

nice work. i like your logo work and how you have laid out your pages, i think your work is very straight forward and gets the points across, not very experimental but professional.

great stuff

thank you for sharing,