Need feedback

Lately, I’ve started using AliasSketchBookPro to do skectches. Here are some of my first shoe drawings. Hope I could get some inputs here to help me to be a footware designer in the future.[/b]

Pretty good for some of your first shoe drawings. Overall shape is your only issue at this level of the sketch process. The top right one is best, the bottom right one is least impressive (difficult angle albiet).

Generally speaking, the vamp line looks a little too straight, not enough sweep from toe to top of tongue. Looking at the soles, it’s hard to tell if the 3/4 views at the bottom are left or right shoes. I’m sure you meant for them to show the lateral side, but they look a little more like medial side sketches. Lateral forefoot area looks too straight. Maybe tracing shoe photos would help.

These are not glaring flaws, by the way.

Thanks,Ryan. I agree with you that the overall shape is a quite issue for my shoe drawings so far,especially the vamp line. It does not look sweep enough to snugly fit your feet. I would work on that by tracing some shoe photo. Thanks.