Need feedback on my portfolio

I would like to know what u think about it.

i like your toy kichen…maybe you could intergrate a few sketchs on th board instead of just having one image.

i want process…more process

Yes I guess u´r right I dont have any sketches posted thanks 4 the advice.


You’re definitely on the right track with your portfolio. My 2 comments:

  1. I agree with the panel on seeing more process. It’s nice to see that you could model up your ideas on computer, but I could tell you for a fact that a majority of IDers could do that easily, if not better. 3D renderings are nice to look at for a while, but seeing so much of it in portfolios, it gets BORING… Stick with the basics. Show us HOW U THINK!!!.. a problem you had to deal with and the design solution that you derived… and why your idea is innovative and better than the existing one…

  2. With your toy kitchen and elevator panel, it would be nice to see scale… maybe throw a person in the image (like u did in the table-chair project)… again, it’s not that i don’t have a clear picture in my head what size it should be, but heck, I was always taught that when you present an idea to a client, always assume that you’re communicating to a “dim” person… someone who won’t understand that the toy kitchen is small enough for kids aged so-and-so to use, and the panel is at a comfortable height so that midgets will all be able to reach the buttons as well as giants…

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Well I call that a feed back ,thanks 4 your advices CreativeDIP .Your right ,there is no reference to the dimension for the 3 Objects ,I will update my portfolio thinking in all ur advices ,so thanks again 4 your opinion (helped me alot) :bulb:

My advice:

“Passionated” isn’t a word, so much.

“Profession” is the correct spelling.

Good luck, kiddo.