Need feedback... for my new brand

Hi guys!
I am new in the forum, but not doing designs…

I am a graphic / web designer and also a photographer.

I did my new brand and I need some feedback please… I use the term to define me “visual communicator” (that term in south america is using for the new graphic designers, I used that to englobe my other knowledge “photography” is ok for that)

I did my isotype mixing the letters “L” and “J”… and like it.
The type of my name i dont like to much…that is the reason why i dont be 100% convinced of my logo… I think.

I like the colors because are soft… but sometimes I see a little boring…

Please see all the brand and tell what you think… also If you can suggese me how I can improve the the type of my name… it will be amazing.

Thanks a lot!

The design:

All in all, I like what I see. I like the precision. I see your main “blue” as pure and vibrant and I think it adds to the clarity of the design. The “grays” add sophistication. It is a good combination. As is the tight letter spacing of your name versus the large kerning you have for the comunicador visual. The photo pulls in an excellent humanity to it all.

I am sorry to say no matter how much I look at your LJ, I don’t see LJ.

And now for some small details.
On your papel membretado, the blue dot between your email and web address is not centered, kind of kills the precision.

On your logotipo con descriptor, comunicador visual needs to be a touch wider. I understand it is exactly left and right justified with your name but because of the curve of the “C” and the ascender of the “L”, it “looks” just a hair too small. I would need to see some wider to conclude which is best.

On your tarjetas personales, I see the opposite. I want your name justified to the to the comunicador visual, the email address and web address.

I see the L and J but at first glance it reads as a fancy W. I don’t think it’s a problem though.