Need feedback for bicycle design project!

I’m designing a new bicycle project, to be launched on Kickstarter next summer. Please become a part of the design process by sharing your feedback in this brief survey:


Eric Stoddard, SpeedStudio Design

Please don’t spam the forum with multiple topics. All but this one has been deleted.


Folding bike. Good luck.

Please don’t make it like this impossible POS.

Old Concept by Eric.

Both this and the Kickstarter I posted have the same problem. Namely hitting a pot hole at greater than 10mph with solid small-diameter wheels. It won’t work.

Might be a mute point, I don’t suspect it will have a top speed approaching 10 mph.

But you have to appreciate the physics involved, small wheels, or otherwise.

i love how in the kickstarter video the guy seems to avoid going overt anything even leaves…

so this guy eric has a link to his website but when you click it takes you to a password screen stating it is a private blog… is that kinda like only wanting feed back on your design from your mommy cause you know she’ll say nice things?

Dang. Don’t mess with the bike crowd here, am I right?!?

But, yeah, good luck besting Brompton.