Need feedback and comments. *Updated*

Hello everyone,

Right now I’m arranging a portfolio for postgraduate application (its not done yet) and I need your feedback on it. Please don’t mind the CV and exhibitions section. I’m a bit not confident about it.

Any comment will be appreciated. Thank you and sorry for my Bad English :smiley:

I’ve been recommended to start strong and end strong. Catch their attention and leave them on a high.
Are you exclusively doing furniture, and intend to continue doing so? Or is it a furniture MA? That is what your portfolio suggests to me.

Also, you have a serious kerning issue, I’d look into that if I were you.

good luck.

Thank you for your fast response :smiley:

I also design other products (clock, accessories, bike,etc), but my friends suggest me to build portfolio which focus on 1 kind of product to prove the consistency. Should i add more products beside furniture or just focus on it? And should i divide them (ex: start with furnitures first and then move to other products) or merge them together?

I also have 1 design which probably the strongest, but the production has been postponed for some reasons. Is it okay to put a half done product?

‘Kerning’ you mean the typography / space between characters? Yes i also notice that. Gotta fix it

Why not to put your furniture in the real environment like a house, garden, public space… where its ment to be kept and use. Thats how people will be able to relate your product in their environment.
Workshop environment is kinda loosing the attraction from the product because of the composition and the mess around.
Show some people using/sitting/standing to see the ergonomic, posture, dimension…

Thank you for your comment :smiley:

Yes i took some photos in house or garden, but since the environment around me is not so good, the pictures i took were less interesting. I’m afraid people will compare them to the photos in magazine which are taken in beautiful environment. By showing the messy environment, i hope it can make the products stand out (just my opinion, lol). I’m also trying to make some pictures’ background white or black.

Also, there is something which is really bugging my mind: How much page should each product have? I’ve been searching trough the internet, some say that 1 product should have less than 3 pages, and it seems that design process/ideation by sketching is more important than production process. However, in my country, production process/prototyping is also important, as there are many aspects which can affect or improve the final result. If i want to expose them both (design & production) then 3 pages won’t be enough. I really confuse which one should i expose in my process.

I just updated my portfolio. Please take a look if you have time :smiley: