Need Feeback on Sketch

Here is a sketch that I just created…please provide feedback on the concept, the style, and the originality…or any other useful piece of info.Thanks!

Grah, that doesn’t even fit on my screen.

First comment: develop designerly writing – the extended block capitals you see on sketches everywhere. I can’t read the third word in the title (looks like “envoy” to me).

Second comment: get smooth paper and use a sharper pencil. Your lines are getting kind of fuzzy. Vary the line weight somewhat rather than using a single thickness.

third comment: get the perspective right. The (sole? bottom? Yo, help me out – whats the name for the part inside the shoe that the sole of your foot rests on? the floor?) is apparently heavily angled, which is a sprained or broken ankle waiting to happen.

Your proportions are also a little off, and your shading needs work – look at the way lights actualyl falls on things, pick a single light source (to start anyway), and shade from there.

That said, the concept has some merit…I’d keep working on it and turn it into something beautiful.


Looking at the sketch I assume you haven’t started design school yet?
If you ARE in school, which one, and what level are you?

Well whatever the case, you have a lot to learn. My best advice to you to improve the sketching is to inroll in some design classes, to learn how to draw like a designer. This way, when we give advice on things like line-weight, perspective and shading, it won’t fall on deaf ears.

a nice try though, keep practicing!

Thank you both for taking the time to provide the feedback…I must admit it is a bit harder than I thought to hear the feedback from “insiders”; however, it is helpful. I am not in a design school but I am working towards getting into one. I have never taken a drawing course; I started one last Saturday though. I find that it is quite frustrating when a design/concept comes to mind but I am unable to effectively communicate it because of my lack of drawing skills. This is an area that I am working on improving…With that said I have a few questions I hope someone can shed some light on.

I have looked at a few websites that provide tutorials on perspective…I have read them but find that the further I go into them, I become lost. I tried to incorporate them in my sketch this weekend but got lost in drawing the horizon line, vanishing points and etc. Can someone recommend a very basic tutorial.

Also, I have a lot of work to do with the drawing but I would like some feedback on the concept of the design.

Lastly, I have become a bit unsure about my chances of getting into an associates program for accessory design - would be helpful to hear about how it was for those more advanced (telll me how it was for you when you applied to your first program)

I know this is long but I greatly appreciate the dialogue!

glad to see you’ve bounced back!

A few points to consider:

First off, criticism is always hard to take at first. You’ll get a LOT of it in school, and grow thicker skin. Just remember that your skills at this point don’t define your potential. Also your design doesn’t define your potential as a designer. A good designer will always put out a few crappy designs, and a crappy designer will get it right a few times. Once you distance yourself from you design, critiques come a lot easier.

  1. don’t worry about perspective yet. You’ll take some of these when you get into a program (assuming it’s a good one). The good news is a lot of shoe designers get away without drawing a shoe in perspective. Try a side view, and maybe a top for your design, and people will get the picture. Also keep in mind a shoe is NOT an easy thing to draw in persp correctly. Start with something easier, until you understand it.

  2. I don’t know about a 2 year degree, but in my program, we didn’t have to show a portfolio until 2 years into the program. If your worried about getting in, your on the right track: take a few art courses, and I’m sure you’ll sail through.

    hope this helps!~

a quick crit on the design~

First off, nice for a first try. You’ve done a good job of picking, and sticking to a theme. I think the heel section is new and fresh (take that with a grain of salt, as I don’t look into fashion much). However, the toe section needs updating.

Were you picturing this going with more of a ‘cozy’ outfit? I could see this with a full length dress, and maybe some sort of fuzzy animal around the shoulders. :wink: