Need factory contacts! You too? Here's mine, share yours!

Hey all,

Right now I am in need of a few China-based factories/manufacturers for some project that are entering the prototyping stages within the next 2 weeks. I am searching for these type of factories specifically…

  1. factories that can do small quantity, small ABS injection molding (parts about 10"x4"x4")

  2. factories that specify in camping tent construction, or factories that can perform this unique feat

  3. factories that specify in softgoods backpacks, packs, cases, and/or bags (think North Face backpacks and Timbuk2 messenger bags for example)

I was thinking about this for some time now, this thread can be an free resource for fellow Industrial Designers to share their factory contacts among each other. We all know how searching through a text database for factories can be. The best bet is to be there in person to see the factory yourself, but sometimes a visit just isn’t in the cards. There are obviously some contacts you can’t share due to legal issues, etc, so don’t share those. But if you need a contact, ask, if you have one, share.

Since this is a test run (and because I need some new factories asap due to increased work load on my end), we can share via PM or email. Let’s see what happens, and hopefully we can share these valuable resources together.

Thanks for your help

Hey guys,

In need of some factory contacts / open suggestions ASAP. My clients want to start initial discussions this week, and I’m truly in a bind, standing still until there is some dialogue.

Any suggestions that include a better database of factories that is easier to search, or how to search them out in general?

Here’s my three needs, one more time.

Injection molding
Tent manufacturing
Softgoods: backpack manufacturing

I have at least a dozen factories I can help anyone out with in the future, but they are not perfect for these projects I’m working on now, so I’m on here with fingers crossed.

Thank you, I appreciate your help with this.

We are currently producing these units. They are 10"x6"x6" injection molded. I’ve been pretty happy with the quality so far. I don’t know who in China is molding these exactly, because we farm it out, but I could put you in touch with my main boss, who lives in China and runs our factory if it would help you.


Thank you for the potential lead. Sure, why not, if its not a big deal anyway. I’m sure nearly any factory could do the injection molding my client’s project requires, but its nice to know someone who is already using them successfully.

Much appreciated.

Any more out there?

I’d love a little c77 reccomended manufactueres compendium. I have a few freelance jobs for clients that need manufacturers.

What about model/prototype makers in China/HK/Taiwan? Anyone got any people to reccommend? Cold calls are risky, especially if I cant swing a trip to China in the budget.

I’m doing a small run (probably about 10000pcs in total) out of a wood factory in China soon), ill report back. They’ve been a bit off the ball so far, but thats to be expected.


We have been talking about this with C77 HQ for abut 6 months and just haven’t had time to figure out the structure. We are thinking a Yelp like kind of thing. Keep adding your lists here and we can use this as a running list to kick it off when the project gets going. I’ll post some in as well.