Need Change of Degree Help!

I am a recent graduate in Human/Social Services. I also am considered a “mature student” meaning I am really old. (Not really but I am mature.) Through the process I found that this degree is not for me but something more technical is and I was drawn to the ID field which I never really knew existed. I’ve always loved art and science but never thought of making a career out of it. Right now I am looking into two schools respectively which have both been helpful but I also could use as much help as I could muster. One of the schools is SCAD and the other is Humber College in Toronto. I am from Pennsylvania but right now in my life I do have the ability to travel and traveling would also be a bonus into opening up this new career field. Is there any advice for someone like me that is making such a huge transition in this field and also for someone being considered an International student? I know no school is either “good or bad” but are there pros or cons into considering schools. I’ve noticed some lean more towards Engineering and some towards art and honestly, math is my weak spot but I do like making and creating things. Any help is appreciated!


I know it might be kinda of hard since you just found ID, but try to figure out what you want to do with the degree. What I mean by that is, what kind of design you want to do, what type of products do you want to make, etc.

From there look for a school that has a program more geared towards what you want to do. Seems obvious, but some people don’t realize there are better school to go to for certain professions.

Ghoge, do you mean as far as consumer design, transportation design, etc? I know I want to go into consumer design and perhaps some environmental sustainability in the background. In my free time, I’ve been sketching watches, etc. I know I DO NOT want to go into transportation or anything like that. I also know I would like to learn a bit about fabrication but not make the fabrication part of it my main focus. I would like to learn more about concepts and the human interaction side of design.
While I sketch, I get a thought in my head as to “Would this work?” and then I figure this is where an engineer would come in. Hopefully this is what you mean? I have noticed some schools are geared more towards fabrication and conceptual ideas. Now I guess I need to ask somewhere else, what are good schools in Canada because I’m traveling there in September and I figured I would have a look around. Thank you for your reply!