need advise

I am not posting a job but instead, I’m looking for advice on where to look for qualified people. I work for a small company in the Seattle area and we can use some industrial design and/or product design help on a temp/freelance basis. I’ve not had any luck with placing adverts in all the usual places. We even posted on Coroflot.

I know different professions have their own communities (online and elsewhere). I’m hoping to tap into that community to find help.

Can you all offer suggestions where I can look and post?

Try checking out:

Thanks yo. I’ll check it out. I appreciate the help.

For freelance, check out

As someone looking for employment (and some freelance) I’m a bit suprised you haven’t had much luck.

Do you have a sample of your job listing? Maybe you have missed something in it…

I had a brief interview for a freelance position where I live and I was kind of skeptical about it 'cause they didn’t have a website.