need advise re unemployment


If anyone more experienced has advise for me I’d appreciate it.

Been at my corporate job for 3 years designing all sorts of stuff. Love my job. Then a year ago business slowed in my division (co went in new direction). Fewer projects coming in–from 6 at once to one–with no deadlines. Weird, I know. :cry:

So this is the thing, it’s driving me crazy. Gossip tells me that the co won’t lay me off because they don’t want to pay unemployment, that it’s more cost effective to keep me around for when they do get busy. :confused:

I can’t motivate to brush up on my skills forever. More and more they want me to take on tasks bellow my level of expertise–just to be busy. :blush:

MY QUESTION–If they out right tell me to start “doing the filing” at what point can I politely say no and do I get unemployment benefits in such a situation? :open_mouth:

The Labor dept phone is always busy and yes I have thought about respectfully resigning/asking to be part time or seasonal.

By the way, I don’t think it’s a reflection on my work.

Why aren’t you looking for a job? If you are bored now you will be even more bored in 2 months… and you won’t like working there anymore.

BTW don’t be so sure they won’t lay you off. They may realize its less expensive to outsource than pay you a salary + benifits!

In response to the question about looking for a new position: I don’t want to go into unnecessary detail. Just looking for a little input to question posed.

Judgments aren’t necessary either. Thanks.

Guess you couldn’t read between the lines.

If you quit your job you don’t get unemployment unless its an extreme case (in the US.) Asking you to do filing isn’t an extreme case.

Its hard not to pass judgment when your post sounds like you would prefer to collect unemployment rather than look for a new job.

Most likely they will lay you off eventually. It is exactly what happened to me six months ago - the company I worked for just filed for bankruptcy this month . You cannot claim unemployment if you quit. Besides, my understanding is that the company does not pay your unemployment - the state does. Companies only give out some kind of severance pay (a couple weeks or months pay depending on how long you were there) when laying people off.

Like Laureng said, I suggest you start looking for jobs elsewhere. I would have done that a year ago when stuff started slowing down.

Payment of unemployment depends on the state. In my state the employer pays unless it goes under. In that case the unemployment insurance the company holds reimburses the state.

unemployment? or severance?

dont like filing then get your HR job description sheet. when they turn you into clerk, pull it out. they’ll either fire you or back off.

just watched an oooold GM training video. bunch of guys showing modeling/mock-up/rendering techniques. each started with “Hi. My name is Dork. I went to Dru U. I work in the Adv Concepts Horseless Carriage Division and have been with GM for 20 years.” 20 years. still making foam-core mockups. gives a different perspective on working below level of expertise and experience. swallow your pride. or leave.

…I worked at a co. for over 2yrs, as I learned more and did more challenging work they cut our pay. Then, let our entire office go with $0 severance - nada. Unemployment is like beans anyway, extra padding… you might be able to cover your COBRA payments with it.

If you don’t like what you are doing why don’t you do something to change it instead of sitting around and scratching your head/waiting? You have choices.

what are you complaining about anyway??!! You get to do much less work for the same pay - halellujah!

Here’s good advice: The best time to look for a job is while you still have one.