Need Advice

I was just wondering, what materials are prefered for sketching out shoe designs…

Sorry to be blunt, but paper works for me

Duhhhhhhh :open_mouth:

Try verithin/prismacolor pencils and some markers…but just pencils are enough to start with. I still think it is the best way to think on paper.

If you want to add some value try markers…copic, prismacolor, tria, etc. But be creative…almost anything works. I’ve done sketches on brown paper bags before.

If you’re new to design sketching, I would suggest you start with pens until you have the confidence and technique to master pencil. Even though pencil is kind of the unofficial medium of choice for shoe design, you’ll be glad you did.

I’m not super picky, I sketch with just about anything. Sharpie on a piece of scrap paper, white board, expensive paper and prisma pencils, copy paper and ball point pen…

The key is not what you sketch with, but doing it a lot, so that you can get comfortable with it.

I also agree that pens are great to start with because they force you to just throw down lines and honestly sketch and not draw. there is a big difference between sketching and drawing.

Drawing implies a lot of care and time is taken to illustrate something.

Sketching is about rapidly visualizing an idea to communicate to others.

I’ll agree with the remarks about pen. I think that drawing with some form of pen forces you to draw more, draw with intention and doesn’t allow sketchbook m*st3rbation syndrome- you know, the overworked pencil sketch of a ferrari or hand that took 4 hours. Not that there’s anything wrong with this if you’re into that sorta thing.

Anyways, I’d recommend the new fine point pens from sharpie (not permanent markers) They’re new, I found some at office max. They are almost exactly like pilot razorpoints, but the nib is plastic instead of felt and allows a wider range of line weight. They don’t break either!

HA! sms

Pencil and a piece of paper, keep it simple.

You never know where an idea will hit you. Some of the best ideas start on a napkin with a Bic pen.

I am glad there was some responses from people and appreciate all the advice.