need advice , support and motivation please!

I have been struggling the past few years since I graduated from undergrad to figure out what I am doing (you know, the usual). I have always been creative and aesthetically oriented and always wanted to be a designer, however, I grew up with attorneys for parents who just couldn’t grasp the concept. I made the wrong decision to go to a liberal arts school and ended up majoring in psychology which I had little interest in. I did minor in fine art, but my heart wasn’t in it because I never felt like an artist. Unfortunately, my small school (while fun) did not offer any design oriented classes except for intro to graphic design, which was my favoite class in all four years.
I have traveled extensively (and enjoyed it, of course) since graduating and am now left at square one I feel…I really want to find my focus and inspiration…I know that the talent and insight are within me…I know that I will work hard at the things I love…I am just sooooo overwhelmed at the moment…what area to focus on (interior design/architecture, graphic design, product/furniture/industrial design)…what schools to apply to…do I have the requirements for these schools…is thare any school anyone knows of that has a multi-faceted graduate design program that allows you to delve into several of these disciplines…should I just go back to undergrad and get a BFA in design…any glimmer of advice, insiration or support would be unbelievably appreciated…I am crying as I write this because I am tired of being scared and not knowing what to do…thank you.

sorry to sound simplistic but just pic a direction and go for it. You’re the only one living your life. You can’t live doing things that are important to others if they don’t match with what’s important to you. You’ll never be satisfied that way. But that’s spilt milk with you already (libarts school), so your next recourse is to do for yourself. you can’t predict too far, you have to start that journey, once you take a couple of steps, you’ll see if you’re going down the right path or not. But you won’t know til you start stepping. you have a lot of varied interests, I would suggest you focus. People spend lifetimes trying to master something, each independant field requires almost total dedication (if you want to compete with those that live it). You have to decide what path will most likely get you to where you want to be.
Is making money your goal? Or being free as a bird? Setting your own hours or do you require outsider discipline? Would you rather be happy going to and from work with little pay or could you eat crap if paid well enough?
Think about what lifestyle you realistically want to live, that’ll help you narrow down your many choices. After you get your parameters clear in your mind, it’ll make it easier to start walking down a specific path.
Take the most direct route that will give you the most valuable hits (on your goal list), then get into the process and do it. Good luck to you.

My advice would be to do an undergrad at a good art school, here is why:

  1. with your libral arts degree you will graduate in 3 years not 4

  2. you will learn more than at a grad program

  3. most importantly you will gain access to all of the majors in your foundation year. This will expose you to the neccessary information to make an informed dicision of your own. Several of my classmates already had Libral Arts degrees and where very happy they did a second undergrad.

  4. it is easyier in my opinion to change majors in an undergrad and you won’t even have to declare one until your second semester.

As a guidline maybe you could think of things like this:

If you are interested in things, you should go ID
If you are interested in spaces, go Interiors
IF you are intrested in the representation of information, go graphics
If you are intrested in spaces on the technical level go architecture

Schools I would recomend looking at:

Art Center College of Design
College for Creative Studies
University of Cinncinnati
Cleveland Institute of Art
Collumbus College of Art and Design

lost in transition -i’m kinda in the same boat you are.

I studied architecture in Dublin for 2 years but it didn’t work out for numerous reasons.

I too am desperately trying to figure out my path.
It was a debate between ID, Interior design, Interior Design, Marketing.
Factors in my decision Included money, career prospects after college, money, ability to do what I love. I was very interested in marketing but am not keen at all to give up my dream of being in a design field. I feel to study anything other than a design related field would do the above.

Career and money -obviously though my priority is to do something I love, I also want to go into a field that will allow me to earn my bread, earn a decent wage and that will allow me good career opporutinities. It’s all grand and well to follow your dreams but life plays a part too. Eg musicians hoping to be big stars, apinters hoping to make enough money of that. It’s posisble but few people make it in that field. You’ve got to have something that makes you a living too.

Comparing Interior Design with Industrial design I felt my heart was more with industrial design. You get to design such a wide variety of things.
Also it doesn’t seem like interior designers necessarily make more than industrial designers maybe on the whole a slight bit more.
From what I know industrial design allows those who are not artists/painters but designers to do just that. It covers such a wide variety of things and there’s so much involved -art, strategy, mechanics etc etc.

I think interior design is pretty good for designing too. But from the info I have Industrial design really allows you to focus on the areas you wish to focus on.

Architecture depending on the school and country can have a lot of design in it. Unfortuntately though it seems in the real world few graduates of architecture get the chance to really design.

Hey Lost,
Let me start off by saying I feel your pain. I’m a recent BFA grad, and have noooo idea what to do now. The only advice a “lost one” can give to another is - follow your gut. Figure out what will make you happy (who cares about the parents - mine were crushed when I left architecture, they got over it). I don’t know just how I’m gonna do it yet, but I’m going to be a designer. I don’t even know what kind yet. I’d love to get into tabletop, or furniture, or lighting, or automobile - just don’t know yet. But don’t let your confusion take control. I sit down at this computer hours a day (since I have no job or money haha) and just look. Just look around - you’ll find it. Good luck.