Need advice on joining Copper tubing

Hello everyone,

This is my first post and I have several questions regarding joining Cu tubings.

What is the best way of joining small diameter (Outside Diameter 8mm or under, i.e., “Capillary-class”) copper tubing?

TIG welding seems to provide the best finish but also the highest equipment cost. Soldering is cost effective but this technique requires using fittings which prevent flush surfaces that I don’t desire.

What I’d like to do is a “floral/vines/tendril” composition consisting of copper tubing that will also act as a heat exchanger.

Thanks much.

TIG welding copper is going to be a bitch (copper fumes are nasty too), and will still be very weak if you don’t sleeve it. I would use an internal sleeve so it is flush from the outside and braze / solder it.

omg, INTERNAL SLEEVES! That’s just brilliant.

I’m such a noob.

Thanks Scott!