Need advice on career path please.

My undergraduate degree is Industrial Design. After graduation, I worked for several months but nothing related to design. Then I went back to school for my master degree in ID. I thought a master degree might be helpful for geting an ID job. It’s turned to be wrong. I still can not land a ID job. Spend so many years and money on this major but even can not support myself.I feel disappointed. Don’t know where to go and what to do next.

I would say put a link up to your online portfolio, it might be sharper than you think and maybe get some pointers/encouragement from these other jokers -

As far as other careers, you could possibly teach ID, one option, or become a pirate, like me and search for pirate treasure, or booty!

This is the biggest concern for every graduates and current students now.
From other post, it tells about our Economy and how over saturated this industry is. But I believe it goes pretty similar to any Art major. Getting a secure job doing Art means you must have better skills than other people.
I am not just talking about drawings or computers. It requires self marketing, social skills, presentation skills and some LUCK.
I am not sure about your skill levels, but if something doesn’t work, it means there gotta be something missing. Why not going back few steps, re-make your portfolio, change your website design, call your mentors and teachers right now. If your connection seems to be weak, make it strong. It might be time to go to Design meetings, call up friends who got the job ahead of you and ask for any possible chance.
Coroflot alone shouldn’t be the source to find the job anyway… I believe there gotta be something more than what others are doing right now.
Hope you get the position pretty soon… If you try, anybody can do this.

…you are not a loser until you give up…you got an education and a terminal degree…you have earned the right to play with the rest of us…you will get your bell rung a few times…that is the price we all pay…welcome to the real world…get up off the ground, rookie…show us what you got!

You could get KOed before you even hit the ring.

ahh life. sometimes it sucks. but hey, at least you don’t live in a country where genocide is a way to end disputes. get out there and do your best. make contacts through idsa, local events, hell, cold call people.

I say develop a good set of core skills and market yourself as a freelancer. Since I quit my job and the word has gotten out to some of the former clients, I’ve never been doing better. I get really good projects, I can turn down work that I don’t want, I generally get what I ask for in terms of payment. And most of my work doesn’t even come from St. Louis where I currently live.

Hell things have been going so well that i set up an LLC this past week to cover my assets.

It’s a little scary at first but you get the hang of doing things on your own really fast. After that you’ll never want to work for anyone else again as a full time employee cause the respect you get as an independant contractor is much higher.

The funniest part is that I started getting more work after I decided that I didn’t really want to do design anymore. I still plan to be out and in law school this time next year but in the meantime I’m doing pretty well alternating between studying for the LSAT and doing small projects.

Hang in there, find your best skills and get them out there.

Are you willing to relocate for a position anywhere within reason?