Need advice for Grad School application

I’m applying for Graduate School for fall 2010 and need some urgent help.

List of Universities:

Stanford – MFA in Design
IIT – Dual degree (Master in Design/MBA)
University of Pennsylvania – Integrated Product Design (IPD)
Carnegie Mellon University – Master in Product Development (MPD)
Art Center – Master in Industrial Design
SCAD – Design Management

The thing is: I just came out from the GRE examination and got:
Verbal 350
Quantitative 660
Total 1010
I know I can do better in English; I just panicked and ran out of time.

What do you people believe I should do?
Shall I take the GRE again?
How important do you think the GRE grades are?
Reinforce the portfolio?
Do you think I can be accepted to those Universities?

I greatly appreciate your opinion.

Just to back the truck up a bit, what are you looking to get out of another degree? Looks like you have a lot of education entries on your resume already.

I have no idea how heavily the GRE’s a weighed, but I would guess it varries depending on the school. I would contact the admissions officers at the schools you are looking at and ask if they have minimums or “prefered” scores.

I agree with Yo and wondered why you want to pursue another degree.

Otherwise, out of my own grad school application experience, it is important that you can clearly communicate an idea and a plan for your grad school experience.
The worst thing you can make them think is that you are just doing it because you didn’t get a job. Grad school should never be just Plan B but rather a conscious, well thought out choice. Make them believe that you are going back to school because you have a certain agenda and that you did some thinking beforehand.

My guess is that your statement of intent, portfolio as well as interview trumps any scores or grades.
Respectable letters of recommendation help, they helped me a lot.

Thanks yo and bepster for your replies, I have been working on my applications that were due last week.

Yo: I don’t think asking the admissions officers about the minimum or preferred scores would be a good idea. I am going to take the GMAT next month (IIT requires it for the dual degree); perhaps if I do a good job on the test I can contact them with the new score, or take the GRE again.

Basically all my education has been in my country and I would like to open up my mind studying abroad. I was also thinking about studying in Europe as well but narrowed my choices and concentrated in America. Also I look forward to study within a multi-disciplinary program, crossing to Engineering and Business (that’s why I chose those programs).

Bepster: Thanks for the advice. I think my statement of intent was really good and creative, I wrote about my goals and what I wanted to get out from graduate school. I don’t know about the letters of recommendations because I waived access to read them, although I guess they are good and may help.

Does anyone know if they do personal interviews at those schools? I think that could really show my potential.

I’d go back to YO’s question. these schools are giong to want to understand your desire for more degrees, because school can only take you so far - unless you intend on becoming an academic and spending your career teaching and writing…?
they may want to see some more job experience to understand that your not just trying to avoid the real world (this happens), but on the whole I’d say you have an excellent chance of acceptance to at least a couple schools on your list, and test scores are only a guide for design schools.