Need A Student WEb Designer

Hi all. I am looking for someone to design a 4 page personal website for me. I am on a limited budget and thought I would check in here first.

The site is for my daughter and I would need someone who knew how to set it up so I could upload video at a later date.

One of my favorite web designers is however I don’t think I could afford them at this time. I guess I am looking for a site that has this kind of feel to it.

If anyone would like to give me a quote and maybe let me check out some prior work I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Just remember Dad. Ya’s gets whats ya’s pays for…

Try a post in the Student Forum.

Hi there,

If you drop me an email on I’ll like to talk to you about your project.


Maybe your local university/college has a job board. There are also highschools students that know how to do this.

I am interested, did you find anyone yet?