need a simple portfolio site

Hello I’m a designer with no extra time, a little extra money… and I’m looking for a job.

I’m seeking a recommendation for a company which makes simple portfolio sites… as much as I love free portfolios such as the one on coroflot, and other job boards… I am looking for a company/person to build me a very simple, yet professional, site using my URL. Have been to… but they build ugly stuff.

Any recommendations…?



i recommed checking out some of the blogging tools, such as blogger. you can use a custom domain, modify existing templates or make your own if you know a bit of code, and the result is pretty straightforward and useful for presenting your work with a minimum of fuss.

IMHO, a lot easier to use from a client side as well than most complicated-for-the-sake-of-it flash portfolios i see around the net.

check mine as one example-

i dont really know any CSS, but managed to hack the standard blogger template by trial and error so it doesnt look so blog-like, and put in a few off the shelf (free!) solutions to handle images in minislideshows, etc.

If you are interested, i could also do the same (but different of course) for you, if something like this meets your needs. You can PM me or drop me a line at


I recently found this, I’m using it to create a photography site for a friend. So far it is fairly easy.

I think having your own site is awesome, but I am curious why a coroflot portfolio would not be enough? I am a recruiter and a lot of my folks have coroflot portfolios that I send to my client companies. Is it that you have more samples than can be posted? I personally love the portfolios on this site. As long as you show the diversity in your work such as illustration, Photoshop etc, then you should be fine. With that said, having your own site and adding the URL to your portfolio on Coroflot is always a nice touch. If you want ideas, check out the many awesome portfolios on this site.

Hi all you helpful people!

I am checking out the uber site from Scotty D. Thanks! Looks closest to what I am looking for.

I am Ok with a coroflot free site, but I want to put up 40-50 pictures… in different categories. I intend to apply to various places, not just jobs through coroflot, and I would rather not be part of a community, I just want a stand-alone site.
Also I will be going after freelance projects and I think the coroflot fill-in-the-blanks is not addressing my needs. In short I am needed a simple portfolio site with more pictures and a PDF resume… so when its printed it looks decent. Coroflot is great! I just want the next step.


The best thing I ever did was subscribe to About $96.00 a year gets you about five email addresses, a simple website (perfect for portfolios), ftp access, and there is PLENTY more that I don’t even use. The online prtfolio was enough to make it worth my money.

You don’t have to even be a Mac user or own a mac. I’ve been running on a PC for years now and my account still works perfectly.

Just my two cents…

That makes sense. Let us know when it is done so we can check it out.

I use iWeb… it’s very drag and drop easy.

I used to use rapidweaver, almost as simple, pretty much the web equivalent to powerpoint.

Is there a PC equivalent to rapidweaver?

Check out mine…

and my portfolio site at


OK, on inspiration from, I went ahead and built a quickie portfolio site by hacking a Blogger template:
Curious to see what Richard and other folks think of it. Too bloggy looking?

try getting a .mac account. you can get iweb, which is very reasonably priced. the templates are attractive, and basically drag and drop. they even have blank templates if you want to make it from scratch. it’s super easy! i have one myself, and i’m not html savvy at all!

If you want a gallery, you can also try: (free) (paid)


Perhaps coroflot is well known in the ID world, but not so much for fashion.
It just doesn’t come up in keyword searches for my trade. This bulletin board comes up if you search for some keywords, but not the portfolios. If poeple can’t find you, then whats the point? Clients of mine that I’ve told about it, they’ve not a clue it even exists! The agencies I’m signed with are aware of it, though. I agree, get your own site and link to your url, because it all helps your site traffic.

Ok honestly if you are serious of taking the next step from a coroflot portfolio you will want a full hosted website with a domain name of

This basically means also it is very likely you will come up tops if someone does a search for you in google, and I dont have to tell you how many recruiters google their potential candidates these days…

The down side for a fully hosted domain it does require some skill in managing it but nothing you cant lean in a few days. Look for website hosts that have easy site installs or software backbones.

Now in terms of software, I fully recommend a blogging backbone like wordpress. Personally my blog cum portfolio at runs on wordpress. As I am no expert in website programming, I got some help designing and programming it. But it does the job and my css/html hacking skills allows my to customize it. But the big reason why you would use a blogging platform is simply you can track what people are saying about your work by following link backs or ping backs.

If your website is more picture orientated I recommend this backbone: This backbone is specifically designed for artist/designers to exhibit their work in a simple and easy to see manner.

The down side is that it is not as easy to update as a blog.

You can also try Drupal, but it has a very steep learning curve, but of the lot, it has the most functionality and flexibility. Drupal is designed as a CMS or content management system.

Do let me know if you need anymore information?

Good Luck!