Need a Project topic...URGETLY....

i am a IIIrd year product design student from Pune,India.
I need to start workin on a product design project asap .
we r suppose to work under a heading called TCP (technically complex product design) but the irony is that it does not have to get a bit too techie. A few moving parts or something like that will do, but not too simple too…
Please throw in a few projetc topic/products that u can think are suitable for a ID 3rd year student …

I did choose a few but its hard to conclude…



You need to pick something you are passionate about.

thats true no doubt… but for now if u can shoot a few words that can trigger of somethng then it would be great.

DJ Turntables
Portable Board Games
Portable Soccer Goal for street soccer.
All in One Keychain attachment

What about:

gardening tools
ice cream maker
automatic ticket dispensers
Home appliances
Fans, heaters

As it is a college project, it would be cool if you did something with social responsibility.

But as Timf said, try to find the field of ID that interest you most.

Good luck

It’s gotta come from you.

Once you get out of school, you’ll have plenty of opportunity for others to tell you what to design. At that point, you’ll regret not choosing something that you are passionate about.

thanks guys for the awesome inputs…
as goin by passion …
i was thinking of redesigning the music reading stand…since its like a hassle turning pages during playing… i wonder if it falls in my above mentioned categories…

INPUTS PLEASE ( u guys r really helping me out :smiley: )

How about a cable management product/case for MP3 player earphones? I’ve seen some poor attempts at this, but no one has knocked it out of the park yet.

Good luck…

We did something similar but went too far. SoundGate - Tablet PC for musicians - YouTube

Maybe you could try something more simple and with less functionality. I remember it was very fun working on that project.

Good luck.

How about an anti-theft disguise for Ipods? Making it look like a Panasonic Cassette player would certainly be a deterrent.

that was good pezzy :laughing:

cuototo…this was actually in production?? or it was a in house thing… looks expensive to me… nice stuff

in house… having some fun during downtime

do you really want to be the person who designs the new ice cream scoop? NO, fawk an ice cream scoop or garden tools.

why re-design an alarm clock, there are already alarm clocks out there. you need to design something completely new. I can’t tell you what it is because I don’t know. You said you are from India, doesn’t India have a lot of problems? I think that you should concentrate on something that applies to the masses but it has to be culturally specific issues. Why design I-pod accessories when people are dying of starvation? Does that make any sense at all?

The biggest problem I see with design is that people place limits on it that are to low for its potential.

You’re KIDDING right? If you read that thread, you will immediately deduce that designing a humble alarm clock is above the reach of even the worlds best designers.

I will submit that there are far greater needs in this world that could use the attention of designers.

no, an alarm clock is easy. anyways its an interaction design problem not a industrial design problem. im just saying why design things that already exist? No matter how poorly designed they are we still HAVE them. The real Question should always be : What is it that we don’t have?


Do we really need what we have?

Or even better…

why do we think we need more of what we don’t have (because it does not exist yet)?

Just having a little fun…

Hey, give the guy a break… it is just a design exercise to learn some problem solving. Just get a project that you find interesting and see how you can do it better cheaper faster :slight_smile:

It all depends on the focus of the project. What’s wrong with doing gardening tools for helping farmers improve their crops? Maybe you can save them from starvation… hey what about designing a safety gun, so kids don’t shoot each other in the school, or… a grenade launcher to finish all the problems :smiley:



The other thing to remember is each of your projects will probably be part of your portfolio when you go to get a job. You probably have an interest in designing certain types of products after you graduate. Use this class to work on concepts in the types of products you want to design once you are working.

ok I like what you said about designing gardening tools for farmers, but your statement is without any research or knowledge of the subject. currently one farmer can feed 129 people and themselves (anthropology class). I really doubt they need new farming equipment as the equipment that exists right now is ten times as efficient as any in history. also again gardening tools already exist. why make more of the same thing? pointless.