Need a printer?

were do you all get your printing done?

Don’t you mean where? About two feet away on my Epson inkjet.

There’s always Stinko’s (I mean Kinko’s.)

That’s kind of a broad statement. What kind of printing? What are your printing? How many prints?

I just got a brand new epson photo desktop printer…borderless, and also prints directly on cds! havent used it yet but for the price ($100) it looks like a deal

Epson make good printers. They also make very expensive ink! The printer may have only cost $100 but I bet that the ink costs $120

i love epson printers and their quality, but just had to throw mine away. (c82) because i never ‘shut it off’ with the power button. Turns out, the print head only parks properly when you shut it off, and after sometime the ink dries in the head. it costs more to rip it apart and clean than to buy a new one. Even if you use it every day, turn it off at night because it will eventually clog. I think it was a big mistake on epson’s part.

I’ve had 3 Epson printers with leaky ink problems. When they work, they produce very nice prints, but it seems quality of the construction is not too good.

which model is this?

Epson R200