Need a piece of advice(graduate)

Dear all, I am so excited to read this message board for about one year, but actually it is my first post here. I am Lepidoptera from Ukraine. I have been accepted to Graduate program in Industrial Design at the US University that makes me floating on air but on the other hand, I face some dilemma. I have already been asked to indicate my reseach interests, something I will be working on during my study there. My problem is I don`t know what to choose, what aspect of ID is the best for me. I have graduated with bachelor degree in graphic art 7 years ago and since then I have been working as an artist at game developing company. On the one hand, it gave me opportunities to sharpen my 2d and 3d skills, but on the other hand, I am feeling stuck in this field. Not to mentioned the amount of violence in video games that makes me really upset daily. I have got to conclusion that I want to create something more human-oriented, something that can make life around more convenient. Please, give me some suggestions what area of ID may fit my already accomulated skills and knowledge? I know ID is a vaste field and I wanna take a niche that is the right for me. Thank you in advance

welcome and congratulations.

What got you excited about ID enough to want to do it in the first place - that’s probably where your passion lies…

Thank you! Yes I am excited about getting in, but I am also interested where my skills would be desireable the most. I think it is always better to employ your already accumulated skills, isnt it? There are so many various aspects in ID that I even havent heard. I wonder if anyone could advice me something specific.

you really need to do your homework and some introspection - the desicion is yours to make.
someone can tell you to go design “xyz” because of all the money they make/or job demand they have right now, but if that’s not your passion you’ll never get a job.

I completely agree with you. Yeah I realize that, first of all, I have to listen to my own heart. Sure only I take the responsibility for my choice, mistakes and all other things. But I also believe that others people suggestions may help where to start.