Need a new ride, personal EV edition

Kids are gone and we really need to move out of the stix and back into Chicago. While it is lovely out here and a wonderful place to raise a family, it is horribly boring.

When I do go to the office, I will take the train as I did when I first started working in the greater Chicagoland area 30+ years ago. What we didn’t have then for that last mile were EVs. I either used my feet or my car. Parking has only grown worse in 30 years and a car is not an option. And I’m old, i have to give my feet a break.

Since I am a bicycle type of person, my first inclination was a folding EV. Below are GoCycle and CarboX. GoCycle is the current 600-pound-gorilla for folding EVs. Robust but comes in at 17.1kg. The CarboX is a little fly-by-night but comes in at 13kg. I’ll be schlepping these things up and down stairs, so weight matters.

Then I thought about an escooter. Don’t know much about them, but in theory, more compact than a bike, and lighter! So a quick look on Wired, the NIU KQi3 Pro is the “best” and the Unagi Model One Voyager is the “best lightweight” scooter. The NIU is 20kg and the Unagi is 13kg.

First, why do scooters outweigh bikes? Second, any thoughts and/or recommendations? Everyone’s .02 is welcome.


Just my two cents: riding an electric scooter for more than a mile or two, especially if I was trying to make good time, left me feeling rattled, not refreshed. Also, if you need to carry anything on a scooter you’ll need a backpack, hanging stuff off the handlebars is :crazy_face:

How far you going? Can you shower when you get there? Planning to do this all season? Winter in Chicago seems dicey…

Each end of the trip would be 2 miles or 10 minutes, 4 miles or 20 minutes total for the day. Unless I want to take the “long” way, which a bicycle allows. My experience with scooters is very limited with Lime. I kind of agree with shaggy, I didn’t find it as refreshing as a bike ride.

And not only do we have showers at work, we make disposable bath wipes. I have an unlimited supply.

The problem I see with the bikes, while as light as the scooters, they fold, but they fold bulky. They are awkward to carry. Takes a whole person-place on the train, a scooter can be placed in the overhead. Bromptons fold nice, but they don’t offer a shaft or belt drive option. I do not want to deal with chains and derailleurs. In full disclosure though, I will be reverse-commuting and the space on the train is ample.

Any other options out there?

You know that I know that I want to recommend run-commuting (the lightest, most weather-proof, most environmental, space saving solution)… :slight_smile:

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