Need a new project

I have some time off right now and I really need to beef up my portfolio. I need some ideas for a quick project. My interests are housewares/electronics. I’m trying to avoid very “typical” projects. Any ideas?

Thank you

Find a competition to work on?

I’m currently searching. Haven’t found anything I’d be interested in…I’m looking more towards GPS/Phone area.

Why don’t you start us off with some ideas that we could help refine? You mentioned GPS/phone area. What about current GPS/phones do you dislike? What do you think you could improve (and by doing the project improve your skillset)? How do you think the two can coexist better? The best GPS/phone combination exists on Google’s Android platform via their very useful turn-by-turn directions: Google adds free turn-by-turn navigation, car dock UI to Android 2.0 (video) | Engadget.

Well I’d like the project to be quick (4 weeks)…I need a project fast. I cannot go into much depth because of this. Current thoughts I have are the following…

  • Can honest materials be used?
  • Are phones becoming more of a fashion object? For example, headphones from the 90’s vs. Dre beats headphones…Can the phone be seen more as a luxurious item aesthetically instead of massive amounts of apps/features.
  • Can gestures be used to create a more human experience (instead of interface/buttons).
  • Dangers that phones/gps cause: texting/putting in addresses while driving.
  • Phones do “connect” people, but also disconnect us in person. (texting/checking messages instead of being a part of a conversation).

Perhaps this project could be something that simply shows off my design skills. How about a re-design of a touch screen phone that reflects certain word(s)? No interface design work, but the object itself. Collect several images that the word(s) mean and use it as inspiration. Do you think this would be a worthy portfolio piece? I know it depends on how it would turn out, but is there anything wrong with doing a “styling exercise?”

To me styling exercises are boring to look at unless the styling adds value to the experience. There’s no way you can do a touch screen phone without considering the interface design. It’s more important than the ID.

Go for it. If in two weeks you’re getting bored, go another direction. I’d be cautious of just becoming another fan-render of a future iPhone.

I do understand what you are saying. The problem I’m facing is that I’m looking for a project that won’t take months and figuring out how deep to go. I’d like the project to be some sort of electronic device, since I do not have that in my portfolio.

I wanted to “Like” this.

Any project is a good project. Quit thinking and start doing.




Design a zombie survival kit.

I’m not joking. If you don’t do this I will.

Very typical, as in a cell phone? Just saying…

How about a GPS/Cell phone for a bike?
GPS/Cell phone for a stroller?
A home energy-use/thermostat?

Although I am pretty sure these have been done, they are at least somewhat atypical.

This thread stated ten days ago … is it done yet?