Need a honest Portfolio Crit

I am a sophomore at Appalachian and have not had any studios yet.

Here is my first portfolio and would love some feedback

not quite sure why the resolution is so bad…

Is it even worth trying to submit it for an internship?

Thank you.

Only submitting it to companies looking for interns can answer that question.
What’s the worst that could happen?

very True.

I am just afraid it is not strong enough…

no studios??

where did you sketch und build yoyr stuff?
…you got some vacuum forming going on there…


It’s always worth applying - but I think it’s very late in the game for internships.

As far as crits go - I would say if you don’t get an internship then dedicate your time to learning to draw. The non-footwear sketches you’ve shown are very weak and come off as doodles at best. Theres also no indication that you have ideation skills (the ability to generate multiple quick concepts on the same idea) which is really one of the key things that employers look for - designers communicate through drawing, and being able to show a dozen pages of concepts all for the same idea is extremely powerful.

If you spent 2-3 hours a day drawing over the summer (use resources online to develop your skills as well as books like design-sketching) you’d be able to hone your skills a huge amount and get to apply them once you went back to school.

Thanks for all the crit so far…

yeah I still have access to the shops just no studios…

I agree my drawing skills are weak…I have taken the only sketching class offered for the ID program here so I am on my own… I do have several ideation’s for the wine rack so I think I will put those in.

Should I redraw some sketches and "tighten " them up and put them back in my portfolio?

I plan on spending a lot of time this summer sketching i hired a private instructor once I get back from ICFF

You should redraw everything. Then redraw it again. And again. Then from a different angle. Then add some new features. Then do a marker rendering. And another. And another. And another.

You get the point.

good point

any one else?

Sketching is vital as you’ve been told. I found that when I got together with professional designers that my hardwork in sketching alone got me all the attention I needed for an internship. Get a lot of inspirational materials and sketch freely. You have to get the garbage out first as I’ve been told.
Secondly, I found that when I present awesome drawings with weak presentations, my work was basically undone. It is imperative that you learn how to communicate with certain elements on the page. I’m still working on that. Learn to sketch, pick up on the renderings, whatever you can get yur hands on. Chances are your internship will have you learning something different.