Need a business partner. 15% yours + serious job.


I just need a help here. Look, I’m a business person located in Estonia
my work is to sell the goods, most of my goods I sell at eBay.

This why I need your help, the main thing is that everybody at eBay use PayPal only
as a payment method. But if you’ll look at PayPal’s website they don’t open accounts to Estonian
members, this why I have a trouble with receiveing the payments.

So, I think I need a partner in this business who will receive the funds from my customers
to his PayPal account, then send me my cut, so I’ll have no troubles with receiveing the funds and be able to sell my stuff at eBay.

Only thing you must have is verified PayPal account!
I can pay my partner 15% cut for this service.

I think the best way to use to deliver the funds from you to me to Estonia is
Western Union. Just to let you know, that Western Union fees will be fully covered from my cut, so you’ll
earn “clean” 15% from every single transfer. I think it’s a good payment for such service.

You need to do nothing, but to recieve and send the funds, and get 15% from every single transfer.
Look, but I want all the persons who want to help me and be my partners mail me
as soon as possible to

Feel free to ask any questions , I’ll provide full information you need to start our partnership.
I don’t really know where can I find such person, so this way I have posted this here, maybe somebody can help me.

We’ll make a really good money, Thats why i think the best way to work is the honest one.

I can provide the UPS tracking info for each package I have received a payment for, BEFORE your payment to me. So you’ll pay me my cut only after you’ll see that package is posted.

After few payments I will ask you to send me my cut first,
becuase we’ll have more stuff to sell.

It takes about 3-4 days to make withdrawl from your PayPal account,
so I’ll told all my customers that their goods will be shipped in 4 days after payment received.

And if you would like,I’ll provide all requared information about my business to make you sure that I’m very reliable

Mail me back please for more info:
When mailing me please write what country you located in.

Hope to find some person here, when I’ll found one, I’ll post here that I don’t need anymore partners :slight_smile:

Before it’s posted - feel free to mail me with any questions and offers.


What do you sell?

sounds fishy

don’t go with that guy go with me,

my father is the crown prince who owns a bottle making factory, but he is in jail for crimes he did not commit. I need $4000 to pay for bail so he can restart the blow molding machine, and for your effort we will pay you 20% of all our profits, without you there are none…