NCSU vs. Stevens vs. CMU...Please Help!

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I am a Biomedical Engineer working as a Design and Development Engineer (medical devices). My Goal is to create a career in development programs for new product lines, product expansions and optimizations in multiple engineering disciplines including but not limited to biomedical engineering.

I have admits from CMU (Master in Product Development), IIT (Master in Design), NCSU (Master in Indutrial Design), & Stevens Institute of Tech (Integrated Product Development) for the Fall’09 intake. I am awaiting replies from Upenn (currently on waitlist) and RISD.

IIT (the best amongst the 4 in my opinion) is out of my list as it has a 3yr program for non-design candidates and is very expensive (35K/yr). I have a feeling for CMU, but it is only a 1yr course (not sure how much will I learn in this short span of time) and expensive (35K, no financial aid available). So, I have less time to recover + there are no statistics on placements. Next, NCSU offers a good course (2-2.5yr) + it’s cheap (18K) + It offers a lot of assistantships, so more time to recover. Finally, Stevens is the cheapest (14K/yr), but I am not sure about it’s market value and job prospects. It gives you good access to Military based design jobs (plz correct), but I am not interested in that. Another + point about Stevens is that there are lot of assistantship opportunities (yah…finance is of major concern for me being an international student).

Please let me know your views. Comments on living expenses would be helpful too. Awaitng replies. Thank you.

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As a senior at CMU I share studio space with the grads, they seem to get their money’s worth from the work they put in. Having them in our studio I think is mutually beneficial, too.

I’m not familiar with other programs as I’m not currently interested in grad school, but if you want send me a private message and I’ll tell you what I can about CMU.

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