NC state ID

hey anyone from NC state ID program? wanna give a curious student a little feedback about the program?, im here in NC for a little while, maybe i’ll check out the campus, but i’d like to see if anyone can give me some background on the school.

I could put you in touch with several current NCSU grad students or recent graduates (I am one of the latter). Just shoot me an email directly if interested…


Mind if I contact you sometime with some questions on the NCSU program?

That is one of the programs I’m more interested in.

Sure. Shoot me an email at and we can set something up. I may be relocating to the Northeast within the next month, so we might be able to meet in person if need be.

Good luck,


I am curious about the program as well…
How is the recent grad work, Faculty, Facilities, Reputation, etc?

I know it is accredited by IDSA, which is a great quality.
Any thoughts would be great.

hey u guys still there ;

can u help me out with NC states contact info by mail i have been tryin to contact these people at NC and they dont seem to reply at all…anyone have a clue as to if the program is still running or not…

By the way how is the school and the program ; are the faculty helpful and the facilities good; how abt the housing and others are they good as i am from India and i really would need ur help as i have the least possible idea abt the school and the city

The program was getting better last time I visited the school 2 years ago…

they had just gotten a transportation proffessor there that was a senior designer at an Asian car company, Dihatsu maybe? He seemed to be doing good things for the program.

If your looking for information about the school, I’d contact some of the proffessors directly via telephone if you can… Brian Laffite, Percy Hooper, Vince Foote, and Glen Lewis are all proffessors there and good guys. they will help you. I went there too - ping me if you have any questions

FYI… Alumni from NCSU have gone on to IBM, Nike, Ford, New Balance, Razorfish, Karim Rashid, Frog, IDEO… it’s not the biggest or most expensive education, but where the students landed after graduations speaks for itself

As a graduate of NC State in '89 and having lived in Raleigh until recently, I have been impressed with the level of students they are now turning out. I have a friend, in Texas, who mostly hires NC State students because he is impressed with them.

The professor from Korea worked for Hyundai and Kia. I only know because i wrote a letter of recommendation last year to get him tenure.

Taravisimo and timf ;’

Guys thanks a lot for ur comments ; i think NC is a great school too at great prices u know ; i have applied for the spring admission to start in 2006.How would u say the housing and the city is coz i live in India and i would have to worry about all these things ;

BUt how would u rate it against say IIT -ID chicago , or cinncinati(DAAP).


Raliegh is a nice area… kind of hilly, lakes, downtown, two other nice cities in the immediate area. crime isn’t bad there, but Durham nearby is another story. I think you would really like Raleigh.

As far as how it compares to the other schools, I honestly don’t know much about their programs or known ( or at least known that I had known) any of their graduates…

you should go for cinncinati(DAAP) definitely. Or you will feel regretful when you graduate.