Starts tomorrow!

anyone else watch basketball other than me?

who do guys want to win the east and west?

both sides are pretty close. I want detroit (hometown0 to win, and out of the west, not sure, i mean denver has been playing great ball but then they are up against the spurs and the spurs have alot more playoff experience and I think would do better in the half court set. I was a lil upset that the timberwolves didnt make it but they didnt play well the second half or really that well the whole season, I think it will be interesting to see how the sonics play in the playoffs-they had a great season but we’ll see how there shooting holds up in the series.

I think alot of people want the heat to win or i guess know they will win the eat because of shaq-and wade is playing great basketball, but in the east alot of things can happen. It was like a couple years ago the 8th seated New York knicks won the eastern conference and made it to the finals and ended up loosing to the spurs but just saying that i mean the nets are playing well and when O’neal comes back healthy to the indiana pacers and tensley they will be a hard team to beat—


what are others thoughts–

also thoughts on coach of the yr, rookie, and mvp.

my picks-
coach-Denver’s coach George karl
rookie- gardner-the rookie for the Bulls
mvp- shaq (nash did a great job too)

I’d be willing to bet designer/NBA fans are in short order…but I’m right there with you.

I’ve been a Heat fan since their inception and I’m hoping their bench can pull together and contribute for a playoff run. If Shaq ans Wade have to carry the entire load I see the Pistons making it to the finals again this year. I think the most entertaining finals series would be a Heat/Suns matchup, so that’s what I’m rooting for. No matter what though, I think the Suns come out on top. I just don’t see how you slow those guys down. Even if the pace lets up a bit in the playoffs they’ll still score 100 points.

COTY - D’Antoni (Suns)
ROY - Gordon (Bulls)
MVP - Nash (Suns)

im going to the bulls wizards game on sunday… GO BULLLS~!!!


how long have you been a heat fan?

remember those games in the 90’s with the heat and knicks. with the fights and close games, I keep thinking back and all i see is van gundy flying allover the floor on someones feet trying to breakup a fight./ tht shyt was the best. I love those old games, you can see them here and there on espn classics. I feel bad though about alonzo morning and tim hardaway they never made it that far in the post-season. good to see though Zo back with the heat. I wonder how the team would be if pat riley was still coaching?? he is one of my favorite coaches-he really pushes his players to make them to more.

i agree suns are great ( i dont kno if you saw the other night they got man handled by the kings, i believe they had 72 points at half, and without peja. and there center, forget his name but he used to play with indiana…so i mean they can be beat, but also agreed that you will have to shoot and move with out the ball alot on them. I would like to see how a spur team would rank up with them two different styles-one run-n gun the other more half court. --also suns team is pretty young-i think alot of it is on nash’s back.

will be exciting–also no lakers in shaq in the west-so really is up for grabs. like when jordan lefy the L, I am sure every team was smiling because now they have a chance to win a championship…


thats a good game. should be alot of up and down running and shooting. both teams are less of a push over like they have been in recent yrs. both teams surprised me this yr.

the last game i saw was last yr. detroit vs. philly, that was a great game, detriot won.

what about coach of the year-sonic’s coach? they had a huge season-kind of dropped off at the end a lil but still he really turned them around. ray allen and lewis are carrying that team.

All I can say is I am SOOOOO happy not to see the Lakers in the playoffs… I was getting so tired of them…

I’ve been down with the Heat since they drafted Glen Rice back in 1989. I watched him tear up the Big Ten and decided to follow him to the pros. Those early teams had Ronny Seikaly, Steve Smith, Grant Long, and Rice. Good stuff.

One of the worst trades in league history was Steve Smith, Grant Long, & a 1st round pick to the Hawks for Kevin Willis. That one crushed me.

Those battles with the Knicks killed me too. When they became the first 1 seed to lose to an 8 I nearly swore off watching them…

I think it was time Riley stepped aside. His approach wore down his players and I think they were always tapped when it came to playoff time. His lockdown defense approach was a bit hard to watch as well. The new, modified system that SVG is running is much more palatable.

I’m counting the hours until tipoff…

Completely lost touch with NBA, but I wish the Pistons will defend its title.

its kind of sad how glen rice ended his career. I think he ended it at the lakers. I think his knees has alot to do with it too. but he was an amazing shooter. steve smith is also a great shooter.

keven willis is a good player but he isnt that good. I think though he did help alot in that run that houstan made to win the nba championship in the mid 90’s after jordan left. they had a nice squad too, kenny “the jet” smith, hawkeen, and willis, and cassel, and vernon maxwell. nice team, and mario elle…

playoff time—great time of year, and people go’n fishing…

Detroit wins-

I think they can’t be beaten if they play there game-defense, ball movement, and slowing it down and playing our game, although was a lil scared with philly’s play in the begining.

Sorry just found this post… I got my money on the Heat and hopefully the Mavericks, but possblie the Suns…

I wanted the Rockets the beat the Mavs with a passion. rockets an magrady was playing so good but then couldnt finish in the 4ths. I like seatle. I want the teams that havent been expected or haven’t really been there before-likewise want my pistons to kill it. even though they surprised everyone and won last yr. they ahve been playing a lil shaky but still with defense and a strong team ethic things are always a possibliity.

but the heat are playing great, and wade is proving time after time that he is a great player. and his growth has been really fast. He has been playing well and eddie jones a good player too. they have a strong team game too. but if the pistons could stop shaq last yr they can do it this yr. i kno its dif. team make ups but i think larry brown does a good job on how to cover shaq.

I really like to watch the sunds play-coach of the yr and nash–they are exciting. would be interesting to see them an spurs and then detroit an heat…thts good basketball

good to see new posts in this thread we need all the fans we can get-sports an designers?? well not at my school-

The Heat are praying they get a healthy Shaq to do battle with the winner of the Pistons/Pacers series. Wade carried them in the last round, but there’s no way the Heat are getting into the Finals without the Diesel. I’ve been a fan of Wade since he was at Marquette and tearing up C-USA, but he’s gonna need some help to take out those deep teams…

And I’m still hoping for a Suns-Heat fireball-basketball matchup for the championship. The contrasting styles of play will make for a great series.

Detroit-close game sad to see reggie go-even tho I hate him I respect his game.

Nate- Detroit -Heat detroit took 2 0f the 3 what are you thinking for this match up-shaq should be feeling better now. also should be interesting how the heat handle a more talented and well rounded team they have been playing young -rebuilding teams so far. where as I think detroit has been playing the tougher teams of the playoff and should be ready to roll-but had a slip up games…

west still undecided would liek to see suns go on.

heat down 1. it was a close game at the end. I think the heat were caught off guard and the pistons shot and played defense well-except in the 4th i think they were allowing too many drives to the basket, let to a second shot opt. or a drop off to shaq.

I kind of expected this for game one from the pistons and a slower heat. the time off i think hurt them but was good for shaq.

it will be interesting to see what changes the heat make. game two i think will be a better game to see.

good series tho-

Watching Wade in Game 1 was painful. He has a tendecy to force things when the defense isn’t as forgiving. I fully expect him to make the necessary adjustments for Game 2. He’s a very intelligent player that gets emotionally wrapped up in the current game sometimes. He’ll assess his weak points and come out with a solid performance next time.

I think the key point to make was that even with Wade shooting 7 for 25 they were tied with 4 minutes left or so. If he even shoots the ball a little better and gets a few free throw attempts the game couldn’t swung the other way.

The Wallaces absolutely dominated. I didn’t expect them both to have great games! And the team as a whole shot well the entire game. They had one min-drought when the Heat stormed back to tie it…

I agree though, this will be a great series. I expect it to go the full 7.

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