Natural materials in consumer electronics

I’ve got this ‘thing’ about ‘classic furniture materials’ (leather, wood, fabric, brass etc) being used in consumer electronics. Particularly as computers will begin to move into people’s living rooms.

So far I haven’t seen many so I was hoping you guys could help me collate some examples.

I’m thinking of things like:
vertu’s leather phones

wood laminated laptops.

Genus DAB radio

my own design:

You really need to check out Inclosia Solutions. They do cool in-mold materials like leather, wood, etc. for the consumer electronics market…

Hope this helps…


Look at high end audio magazines (The Absolute Sound, Stereophile, etc.). Awesome designs, occasionally interesting use of materials and finishes.

olympus wooden camera - compression moulding for wood!!

I realize that Olympus has a proprtietary process for this, but does anyone know of a manfacturer that might be able to do something similar?

I’ve been looking into compression molded wood, but everything involves laminating veneers with phenolic resins, etc.