native solidworks to native proE converter?

I am working in SW and need to hand off some parts to a proE user.

However, they must be able to make some changes to the model as if it were originally built in proE…(such as change rad’s or increase instances of a vent pattern)

Does anyone know of a program that can do this sucessfully? I am skeptical about the “converters” I see online and since I do not have proE testing it might be tricky…



as far as I know there is none.
however that online converter you’re referring to, if I am right, is a service provider. they manualy/semi-automatically transform the files.
I believe PTC was endorsing them so perhaps check it out some more.

yeah that was…$1000 for 250 mb and i’m not sure i entirely trust that…might have to just get a seat of proe for this project…eeek