Nash Inspired Concept

Holy smokes this is my first post on this board!

This is a concept designed for Steve Nash, or any other guard who wants a shoe with that close-to-the-ground feel. The design was inspired by the Air Solo Flight, one of my favorites from the early '90s. The Solo Flight had a lot of design elements to it which gave it a real “fast” look. I wanted to achieve this same illusion of speed in my design.

I still plan to sketch out some different perspectives of the shoe. I know that showing just the lateral quarter of the shoe tells just one side of the story, but I would appreciate any feedback.

This was the initial pencil/marker sketch:

After some Photoshop:

Looks good. really
would be interesting to see the bottom also…

you could improve the upper but at this point, you’re in a good shape, i would not over think the shoe on paper… if you were here , you would take this to the next level on the real thing… the prottype.

design for purpose,
design for fun.

Nice sketch.The photoshopped ones have some nice pop. I like the heel counter area, the open collar, and the floating eyestay. I think the toe might be a bit awkward in 3d, try sketching some 3/4’s and top views quickly to flush it out.

Overall, the shoe looks very buildable. Which is good, but it also feels conventional. I would like to see you push the concept further. What are some ways that you can improve that court feel, while still having support and cushioning? What are some ways it can be built more specifically for a guard? How it could it relate to the college athlete? Highschool athlete? Average consumer?

Keep pushing, and try to pull some inspiration from other sources as well. Sometimes if you look at seemingly disparate things that achieve some of the same goals, you can find new ways of looking at what you are trying to do. In other words, look at other things besides shoes…

What about this shoe says Steve Nash? To me, it just looks like a shoe with the Suns colors. Kevin Johnson could have worn it.

Watching Nash play, he is very technical but also inventive and improvisational. His style sets him apart from the rest of the league, so shouldn’t the shoe ‘say’ something like that?

Overall, this is a good drawing/rendering. But I’m trying to see past the angular shapes on the side view and not getting enough.

Thanks for the comments guys. This is still a work in progress so I appreciate the feedback. Yo, I agree that this shoe needs some more inspiration to make it truly a Nash signature shoe. I’ll keep workin’ on it.

Do some research on him and see if that leads you anywhere. A lot of signature product integrates details from the player’s past. See:

Steve is a huge football fan, his dream is to play for London based Tottenham Hotspurs. How about incorporating some football cues. Maybe something to look into.

Love your project, looking forward to seeing where it goes, Keep it up!

Don’t make it a mid cut, that would be my suggestion, Nash likes low cuts, he used to play in them. And his new PE’s aren’t too mid cut either. Good job thogh!

Don’t make it a mid cut, that would be my suggestion, Nash likes low cuts, he used to play in them. And his new PE’s aren’t too mid cut either. Good job thogh!

your photoshop work definately adds a ton of depth to the sketches. just out of curiousity, is there a reason you’re not going straight to photoshop after creating the linework?