NASA funding a 3D food printer.

NASA is funding a 3D food printer, and it’ll start with pizza.

“It’s hoped the system could provide astronauts food during long-distance space travel, but its creator has the loftier aim of solving the increasing food shortages around the world by cutting down on waste.”

Curious to see what others think about eating printed food. I know I wouldn’t want my deep dish 3D printed.

Anyone ever eaten dehydrated eggs? :neutral_face:

I think I just threw up a little.

Here is a 3D printed food that I can appreciate.

Dehydrated Eggs!!! for eating… :astonished:

for eating…


Jus’ like mom used to open. Just need some dried, chipped beef fer breakfast… mmmm m. … .mmm … m.mmmmmmm

Now thems gooood eatin’!!!

… then there’s the cheap imitations.