narrow urban vehicles

hello, so you’ve seen Nissan’s Land Glider…
it seems to be a new trend
what do you think of these ?

here’s some others
lumeneo’s smera,

volkswagen L1 Volkswagen L1: 2009 | Cartype

Renault Twizy

There’s what he’s refering to.

I think the Nissan is the most refined of the narrow concepts. Having said that, I don’t know how much of a market there is for this kind of thing. Our roads are built for wide cars. Pretty cool though.

as a matter of fact, roads are built for wide trucks… :wink:

i’m sure there is a market,
i’m thinking about cities where traffic congestion is endemic, like Paris or London…
the smart fortwo is already successful there, it is handy to find parking places with a small car like this
but it is still as wide as any other cars.
in most traffic jams, motorcycles or scooters manage to drive while automobilists have to wait…
so having a narrow vehicle could help…

Not a fan of the Nissan. A little too goofy, but I love me a VW L1!

Would love to desing one of these, the proportion looks very challenging to design around. Road vehicles have evolved into a proportion that is a lot like a human torso lying down in terms of length to width to height, and I think we are very comfortable with this proportion. Something about all of these single seat and tandem seaters is inherently off… I think it could be done, but has got to be difficult for the designers to work around.

The [u]Tango[/u]

something about it’s proportions remind me of

Not so much to do with integration with the road system as much as mileage and efficiency.
The concepts from VW and Nissan are greenwash. Put it on the road even in limited quantities and I would believe they meant what they say.

Have you guys seen this one: Not a fan of the design,but the un-skinned, rough running proto they show about 1/3 of the way through he vid is pretty bomb!

Shame on you for not posting a pic Yo! hehe.

Weird looking thing. Absolutely no indication that it’s a BMW, which is maybe the weirdest thing from a company that normally pastes a couple grilles on the front of every concept along with 8 logos.

reminds me of the carver one which also lean in the corners
update: company is now bankrupt, production run was 200. :frowning:

During my thesis project, I had to develop a Public Mobility / Mass Transit solution based on the data from my research. The most precious currency in the urban roadway is Width, so these designs make sense to me. Will they ever actually happen? Who knows. But If they were looking at the same info as me, it seems inevitable.

interesting, what’s the size compared to an average person ?
(people on your rendering seem to be in front of your vehicle, so sense of scale is difficult to read)

that BMW simple concept
also reminds me of the Monotracer (a cabin-motorcycle)

interesting, what’s the size compared to an average person ?
(people on your rendering seem to be in front of your vehicle, so sense of scale is difficult to read)

The overall vehicle height is 2.3 meters, or 7.5 ft. The inside height of the passenger compartment is 6.5 ft / 2 meters.

I like them, especially the beamers and Monotracer…

Getting closer and closer to these
Syd Mead Light Cycle Concept 1.jpeg

the tron 2, motorbike,
just wondering how it would make turns in the real world…

I like the Lumeneo! I sat in one a couple of months back, I wouldn’t say the materials are topnotch yet but the overall concept is certainly cool. The proportions also work for me, as does most of the design (though I’m not saying it couldn’t be improved). Just a very good first effort. Check the movie on their site as well to give a better impression.

All in all, I’d love to see this new vehicle category on the roads!