Nanyang, Industrial Design, Singapore, and Exchange Programs

Hi everyone
Im a young (20) design student currently in my 3rd year of an Industrial design degree at Massey University, in Auckland, New Zealand, and i was hoping to glean some advice from you all about a few things:

Firstly, about myself, im a Industrial design fanatic, i love it, when im not at uni studying, im reading design blogs or sketching and loving every second of it! The degree im currently studying in is a 4 year course (Bachelor or Design: Industrial Design), with 3 years doing my chosen major (ID), and im currently a month away from starting my 3rd year.

The university im studying at run a student exchange program (like most), unfortunately, there are only a few available places to go that offer ID courses, the appeal of going to a ‘partner uni’ being that i pay the same fees as i would if i stayed. One such uni is Nanyang Technological University, who offer an ID course, so what i was wondering is, has anyone one these boards gone here?? would people recommend studying here?

Basically, i was hoping for advice from anyone about these sort of Student exchange programs, i would be thinking of going for my full 4th year of the course (Jan-Nov '11). Also, whether people would recommend NTU as good course? I think it would be great to get out into the wider world and experience something outside of NZ, but as a student who ultimately aims to head to Europe to immerse myself in the design scene there (Hopefully!), would this be the best idea??

Any comments or advice would be hugely appreciated!
Thanks everyone!
Hamish :smiley:

Hi there Hamish,

I’m from NTU, but not from the ID course you are referring to. I think the ID course you are referring to is probably Product Design at the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) in NTU. Not sure, if there are any students there that are in this forum, but you could probably get more informaition here:

Btw, another uni that offers Industrial Design in Singapore, is the National University of Singapore (NUS). Perhaps you might like to check that out too, they have been around for a slightly longer period than the NTU course. More information here too:

  • Jasmine:)

Hi there Jasmine,
Thanks for your reply,
Your right, the course i was referring to at NTU was the Product Design course. Do you study in the Art, Design And Media School??
Thanks for the link to the other site as well, ill definitely look into that course to check it out

You’re welcome!

Nope, im doing a mechnanical engineering course in NTU:)